The air energy heat pump is a new type of international cooperation product developed by our company under the new environment. It uses air energy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reduce pollution. The company has developed technology reserves in the world for 30 years and has advanced production automation lines.Air Source Heat Pumps  price & list,quotation

It has long service life, high resistance to swimming pool chemicals and can prevent water erosion. They also have anti-ultraviolet plastic cabinets to ensure that the cabinets continue to be used in the humid environment near the swimming pool area, and because running heat pumps can produce 3 to 5 gallons of condensate per hour.

The heat pump has a digital control panel which controls the temperature and monitors the operation status of the equipment, including displaying fault codes when problems occur. All heat pumps can handle 30 to 125 gallons of water flow per minute, and are equipped with built-in bypass components to control the flow through the heater to achieve optimal operation.

Heat pump pool heaters operate at a lower BTU/hr rate than other pool heaters. They run longer to complete their tasks, but at a much lower cost. When the air temperature is much lower than the water temperature, it is strongly recommended that the lid be used when the pool is not used to reduce the heat loss from evaporation and convection to the air. Using a lid can reduce heat loss by up to 50%.

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air source water heater

Air source water heater

Air source water heater An air-source  water heater setup will offer economical heating and cooling for your home.passive water heater, AN air-source setup will deliver one-and-a-half to 3 times a lot of heat to a home than the current it Read More