ESCOO focus on international trading service,our mission is to provide an efficient services in speedy way to meet different customized sourcing and relevant requirements.
Are you facing with the situations of
*need a reliable supplier in China but do not want to spend too much time in looking for
*need a prompt feedback from your supplier but always meet some problems on communication
*need a on-site supervision before shipments or other requirements of logistics or customs clearance procedures.

There is no doubt that globalization and international economic integration have become part of our daily lives today. This integration not only creates huge business opportunities for various organizations, but also brings greater challenges. We are no exception and are meeting various challenges. With the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, China is also expanding its cooperation areas and fields, trying and exploring new modes of cooperation, turning the opportunities of the world into opportunities for China and turning China’s opportunities into opportunities for the world. The “One Belt and One Road” has added new impetus to the balanced and sustainable development of the world and provided a new platform globally.Enterprises all over the world are now focusing on China because it is a huge market, a global production base and a powerful engine for global economic growth.

We are the team leader for a range of qualified manufacturers, chained by dozens of top manufacturing companies, covering a wide range of products.We also committed to providing professional services to companies interested in seeking a global sourcing strategy in China to meet the need to reduce costs, deliver on time and continuously improve quality.

We serve you with enthusiasm and confidence, achieve your goals and achieve a win-win cooperation!

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