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All in One Heat Pump

All-in-One Heat Pumps any good?

Thus, compared with the traditional electric water heater, the energy effectiveness of heat pump water heater can be bettered by two to three times.

all in one warmness pump uses electricity to switch heat from one area to another as opposed to without delay producing warmth.

while a refrigerator pulls warmth from inside a container and dumps it into the surrounding room, a stand-on my own air-supply warmness pump water heater pulls warmth from the encircling air and dumps it — at a higher temperature — into a tank to heat water.

using renewable electricity, warmness is sourced from the ambient air to heat water.

Is a heat pump the same as a hot water tank?

Utmost property holders know about 200Litre Capacity Heat Pump inexhaustible innovation since it’s appropriate for warming and cooling your condo homegrown. Heat siphon water warmer purposes a similar innovation to warm water, and its adequacy is 2-3 times that of standard electric water heater.

The unique price tag of hotness siphon water radiator (HPWH) is progressed than that of conventional High-Temperature Heat Pump enquiryheat siphon utilizes power disintegration opposition water warmer. Our unique large provincial box lumber yard sells water heaters

How it Work

Domestic All In One New Energy Air Source use electricity to transfer heat from one place to another instead of directly generating heat.

pull heat from the encircling air to warmth the water, as opposed to relying on electricity or fuel. In different phrases they flow power in preference to producing it

but converting out your present electric powered water heater for a brand new one which makes use of a heat pump and the air in your private home to heat water will help your financial institution account and the planet.

as opposed to being immersed within the tank water, the copper pipe warmness exchanger is wrapped across the outer wall of the internal chrome steel water tank, this means that no direct contact with potable

The heat reducer can also be used for water heaters without water tanks or on-demand. In summer, the desuperheater uses excess heat, otherwise it will be discharged to the ground.

All in one heat pump water heater Youtube guide

The coil of the refrigerator transfers toast from the inside of the box to the out-of-door room, making the inside of the box vastly cooler than the ambient temperature consumption of the room, and causing the space around the refrigerator to toast up slightly in the process.

How does an heat pump water heater work?

while the stand-alone air source heat pump water heater draws heat from the surrounding air and pours it at a High performance temperature into the storage tank to heat the water.

work principle

The compressor also increases the pressure of the gas, therefore raising its temperature indeed further. The pump circulates tubes filled with hot compressed gas around and around cold water in the heater tank.

Technical parameters

ESCO-350V – 420V
Inner tank material
(Steel BTC340R, 2.5mm)
Enameled SteelEnameled Steel
Energy Efficiency GradeGrade BGrade B
Inlet / Outlet size¾”¾”
Electric heater2500W2500W
Control MethodRemote displayRemote display
Outer casingPainted galvanized steelPainted galvanized steel
InsulationPolyurethane foam, 45mmPolyurethane foam, 45mm
Rated working pressure0.8MPa0.8MPa
Waterproof gradeIPX4IPX4
CondenserMicro-Channel  Heat ExchangerMicro-Channel  Heat Exchanger
Voltage~220-240V / 50Hz~220-240V / 50Hz
Heat capacity5300W5300W
Rated Power1300W1300W

Heat pump water heater Product Image

Tank Capacity160L200L
Energy efficiency GradeGrade AGrade A
Inlet / Outlet size¾”¾”
Control MethodTouch screenTouch screen
Noise Level40dB(A)40dB(A)
Inner Tank MaterialEnamelled SteelEnamelled Steel
(Steel BTC340R, 2.5mm thickness)(Steel BTC340R, 2.5mm thickness)
Outer casingPainted galvanized steelPainted galvanized steel
Tank Rated Working Pressure0.8MPa0.8MPa
Waterproof gradeIPX4IPX4
CondenserMicro-Channel Heat ExchangerMicro-Channel Heat Exchanger
Electric Element Power2500W2500W
Heat Pump Rated Input420W420W
Heat Pump Output1780W1780W
Max. Input Power3200W3200W
Heating Capacity38L/H38L/H
Max. Water Temperature75℃75℃
Voltage~220-240V / 50Hz~220-240V / 50Hz

Product Image

The heat pump water heater cost

Heat pump water heaters are more expensive to buy than standard, older water heaters.
With electric traditional resistance water heaters technology, you can save energy costs in your home. The heat pump uses the heat available in your home to minimize copper pipe heat exchanger operating costs and can save hundreds of dollars per year compared to standard water tank electric water heaters.

What are the advantages of hot water pump water heater?

Hybrid conventional electric resistance water heaters heat pump water heaters use heat from the surrounding air to heat water. This minimizes operating costs and maximizes cost savings.


  1. Reduce electricity bills by $200 to $300 a year
  2. Incentives can be purchased and installed at a lower cost than standard tank installations
  3. Digital controls allow you to set the heater operation according to your preference for efficiency and quick recovery
  4. Ideal for a garage or other unconditional space


  1. If installed in a basement, the unit requires a condensate line pump
  2. Heat pump water heaters require air filters to be replaced every 1-2 years
  3. About the size of a dishwasher, it may not be ideal when installed next to a bedroom or other living room

Main features of integrated heat pump:

  1. The all-in-one heat pump is specially designed for domestic hot water. Compared with other heating elements, it can save you 70%-80% of the heating cost;
  2. All-in-one heat pump adopts dual-energy system with gas source technology and intelligent electricity and water integration technology;
  3. Most all-in-one heat pumps adopt integrated design, which is easy to install and save space;
  4. All-in-one heat pump has multiple protection functions, reverse cycle defrosting with four-way valve, to ensure good working performance of the heat pump;
  5. The all-in-one heat pump does not have any combustion gas and will not pollute the environment;
  6. The all-in-one heat pump can supply water at any time as long as it is plugged in, regardless of geographic and weather changes;
  7. The all-in-one heat pump can run all day without worrying about wasting electricity or damaging the machine;
  8. The all-in-one heat pump uses an enamel water tank, which is sturdy and durable and has a long service life.

All-In-One Heat Pump Buy Guide

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Do heat pump water heaters work in cold climates?

The study discovered that conventional storage water heaterstand-alone heat pump heating system are a viable method of water heating even in cold climates

Is the heat pump water heater dehumidified?

The All in one heat pump water heater dehumidifies the installation space, greatly reducing the need to run the dehumidifier.

How do I know if the hybrid electric pump water tank water heater is suitable for my home?

ES provides a pipe kit that allows the heat pump to use air from adjacent rooms. You should consult your local plumbing contractor to see if the hybrid electric heat pump water tank water heater is suitable for your home.

Because the hybrid electric heat pump technology transfers heat from the air in your home to the water heater, the hybrid heat pump water heater works best when installed in large spaces such as basement or garage. For closets or other smaller spaces,

Are heat pump hot water tanks worth it?

warmness pump water heaters take in warmth from the air and transfer it to lukewarmness water. whilst used in the right environment they preserve power, preserve plutocrat and drop hothouse gas emigrations.

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