All in one heat pump water heater it’s far much like changing electrical energy into warmness [air energy]. it is discharged at a excessive temperature into a water garage tank to warmth the water. it is also known as an hybrid air source warmness pump. It runs on electricity, but is more efficient than conventional gas-fired water warmers.
China multi-function air source household warmth All in one heat pump hot water heaters provide your home with an modern water heating solution this is both energy green and green.

ENERGY All in one heat pump water heater
air source heat pump water heater

What is an integrated heat pump water heater?

Most homeowners are familiar with heat pump technology because it is suitable for heating and cooling homes. Heat Pump Water Heaters Save Energy and Money use the same technology to heat water and are 2-3 times more efficient than standard electric water heaters. Older box water heaters work by direct heat exchange. A gas flame heats the water directly above it, or an electric current flowing through the element heats the water in which it is immersed.

But heat pump water heaters, also known as hybrid water heaters, work differently and function more like air conditioners or kitchen refrigerators. Heat pumps work by capturing ambient heat and moving it from one area to another. You may have noticed that if you place your hand in the right place on the side or back of the refrigerator, it will feel warm to the touch.

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The coil of the refrigerator transfers heat from the inside of the box to the outdoor room, making the inside of the box considerably cooler than the temperature of the room, and causing the space around the refrigerator to heat up slightly in the process.

Similarly, heat pump water heaters transfer heat from the air around the water heater to the water stored in the tank.
Under the right conditions, a heat pump water heater is more efficient and less costly to run than the older water heaters we used to be because it uses something that already exists — the temperature of the room you’re in — to do something to us.

Heat pump water heaters on the market today consist of a tank, a compressor, and a fan, all rolled into one, and while the price is higher, many utility companies offer incentives that significantly reduce the cost of equipment and installation.

How does an air source heat pump water heater work?

Heat pump water heaters use electricity to transfer heat from one place to another, rather than generating heat directly. As a result, they are two to three times more energy-efficient than conventional resistance water heaters. To transfer heat, a heat pump works in reverse to a refrigerator.

The refrigerator draws heat from the inside of the box and pours it into the surrounding rooms, while the stand-alone air source heat pump water heater draws heat from the surrounding air and pours it at a high temperature into the storage tank to heat the water.

work principle

In operation, a fan mounted on top of the HPWH tank pushes indoor air through a radiator-like grille, filling a closed ducting system with liquid refrigerant. The refrigerant has a low boiling point, and the heat in the air raises the temperature of the liquid enough to convert it into a gas. The compressor then increases the pressure of the gas, thus raising its temperature even further. The pump circulates tubes filled with hot compressed gas around and around cold water in the heater tank.

Heat pump water can save an average home 30 to 50 percent of the energy consumed by a typical water heater each year. For you (the customer), this translates directly into lower utility bills! For utilities, that means less need for the grid and less need for new power plants and infrastructure.

Technical parameters

ESCO-350V – 420V
Inner tank material
(Steel BTC340R, 2.5mm)
Enameled SteelEnameled Steel
Energy Efficiency GradeGrade BGrade B
Inlet / Outlet size¾”¾”
Electric heater2500W2500W
Control MethodRemote displayRemote display
Outer casingPainted galvanized steelPainted galvanized steel
InsulationPolyurethane foam, 45mmPolyurethane foam, 45mm
Rated working pressure0.8MPa0.8MPa
Waterproof gradeIPX4IPX4
CondenserMicro-Channel  Heat ExchangerMicro-Channel  Heat Exchanger
Voltage~220-240V / 50Hz~220-240V / 50Hz
Heat capacity5300W5300W
Rated Power1300W1300W

Product Image

Tank Capacity160L200L
Energy efficiency GradeGrade AGrade A
Inlet / Outlet size¾”¾”
Control MethodTouch screenTouch screen
Noise Level40dB(A)40dB(A)
Inner Tank MaterialEnamelled SteelEnamelled Steel
(Steel BTC340R, 2.5mm thickness)(Steel BTC340R, 2.5mm thickness)
Outer casingPainted galvanized steelPainted galvanized steel
Tank Rated Working Pressure0.8MPa0.8MPa
Waterproof gradeIPX4IPX4
CondenserMicro-Channel Heat ExchangerMicro-Channel Heat Exchanger
Electric Element Power2500W2500W
Heat Pump Rated Input420W420W
Heat Pump Output1780W1780W
Max. Input Power3200W3200W
Heating Capacity38L/H38L/H
Max. Water Temperature75℃75℃
Voltage~220-240V / 50Hz~220-240V / 50Hz

Product Image

Why heat pump water heaters?

Heat pump water heaters are a good solution for homeowners who currently have standard water tank electric water heaters and want to replace their annual electricity bill because their current water tank is old, inefficient, and/or leaking, or because they just want to reduce their water tank use.

While the average household with a standard electric water heater spends about $500 a year to heat water, a heat pump water heater will reduce the annual cost by $250 to $300.

Heat pump water can save an average home 30 to 50 percent of the energy consumed by a typical water heater each year. For you (the customer), this translates directly into lower utility bills! For utilities, that means less need for the grid and less need for new power plants and infrastructure.

The cost

Heat pump water heaters are more expensive to buy than standard, older water heaters.
With electric heat pump technology, you can save energy costs in your home. The heat pump uses the heat available in your home to minimize operating costs and can save hundreds of dollars per year compared to standard water tank electric water heaters.

How do I install and maintain a heat pump water heater?

Your new heat pump water heater will probably be larger than your old heater, it will be taller and even wider. That’s partly because all the new water heaters are bigger than before.
Of course, part of the size difference is due to the heat exchanger at the top of the heat pump water heater.

  1. Fuel Type – In most cases, the cost of running a heat pump water heater is still higher than using a gas water heater. Using natural gas to heat water is considered from an overall cost and environmental point of view after taking into account power generation and line losses.
  2. Location – in a room with 1,000 cubic water heater quits feet of space so that there is enough ambient air for the water heater to operate effectively. If you need to relocate the hot water system to accommodate this situation, ask the installer to let you know what is involved.
  3. Electrical – Most heat pump water heaters require a 30 amp circuit breaker and a gauge 10 cord. If you have questions about the electrical, please consult the installation contractor to guide you step-by-step through the inspection.

What are the advantages of hot water pump water heater?

Hybrid electric heat pump water heaters use heat from the surrounding air to heat water. This minimizes operating costs and maximizes cost savings.


  1. Reduce electricity bills by $200 to $300 a year
  2. Incentives can be purchased and installed at a lower cost than standard tank installations
  3. Digital controls allow you to set the heater operation according to your preference for efficiency and quick recovery
  4. Ideal for a garage or other unconditional space


  1. If installed in a basement, the unit requires a condensate line pump
  2. Heat pump water heaters require air filters to be replaced every 1-2 years
  3. About the size of a dishwasher, it may not be ideal when installed next to a bedroom or other living room

How much does it cost to install an electric heat pump water heater?

Choosing a hybrid heat pump water heater for your home will help you save the entire life of the water heater and follow the same installation process as a standard electric water heater.

Hybrid electric heat pump box water heaters usually have a higher initial purchase cost, which may vary depending on your plumbing contractor. However, many utilities across the United States offer rebates to help with the initial up-front costs of electric heat pumps.

What size water heater do I need?

Three different sizes of hybrid electric heat pump tank water heaters are available for 50 gallons, 66 gallons and 80 gallons respectively. When choosing the right water heater, consult with your local plumbing contractor to provide the correct size and model for your home.

Is a heat pump water heater worth it?

warmth pump water warmers use energy to move warmness from one place to another rather than generating warmth at once. consequently, they can be to 3 times extra energy green than traditional electric resistance water warmers. deploy them in a space with extra warmness, which includes a furnace room.

Who is the best heat pump water heater?

that’s not anything to put in writing domestic about. however thinking about the ESCOO is tied with the AO Smith for cheapest model, it is the pleasant bang for your greenback. The escoo is also recognized for being the quietest heat pump water heater on the market. It runs at forty nine dB (a low hum) in comparison to AO Smith’s fifty one dB and Bradford White’s 55 dB.

How much does a heat pump water heater cost?

One key consideration is the hooked up value. according to a 2016 take a look at via the country wide Renewable electricity Laboratory, HPWHs can range from $2,one hundred to $three,300 depending at the water tank’s ability. natural gasoline water warmers variety from $seven-hundred for trendy units to $four,500 for condensing units.

Do heat pump water heaters work in cold climates?

The study discovered that heat pump water heaters are a viable method of water heating even in cold climates

Is the heat pump water heater dehumidified?

The All in one heat pump water heater dehumidifies the installation space, greatly reducing the need to run the dehumidifier.

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