Scientific project for making solar water heaters, Many customers will mislead, as long as there is the sun, the water will heat up, often need solar collectors to absorb solar energy, compared to the oven to heat the water, so the cost is lower, the children will use some plastic bottles in the sun This is also a way, often some hand-made solar water heaters cost a lot of money, you can write us mail we can provide convenient, efficient and fast installation of solar water heater products!

 solar water heater
solar water heater

Here are the science projects to make solar water heaters youtube video guide

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Homemade solar water heater project description

The homemade solar water heater is a simple DIY project that uses solar energy to heat water. solar water heaters work in the winter, we usually need warm water for bathing and washing, usually through flat-panel solar water heaters, which do not cost money and are good for the environment. Homemade solar water heaters are not only costly but also inconvenient to use. Write an email to us now to customize the solar water heater! , cheap and good quality

Plan 1

How does a homemade solar water heater work?

Unlike other solar water heaters, it does not contain solar panels for its working. It simply concentrates solar radiation on a metal pipe in which the water is flowing. The temperature also escalates due to the metal sheet at the back side of pipes. Transparent plastic sheet cover at the top provides a greenhouse effect to trap the heat inside and consequently increasing the temperature of water. The metal surface is rough and dull so to avoid reflection and of black color to maximize the absorption of heat energy from the sun. Aluminum pipes are also painted with black as it can absorb all types of radiations and best suited for increasing temperature.

Homemade plate solar water heater
Homemade plate solar water heater

Specifications of homemade solar water heaters

  • Average capacity: Approximately 720 liters per day
  • Temperature range: 30-60 degree Centigrade
  • Cost: PKR 3500
  • Best time to use: 10am to 2pm

Scientific experimental conditions

  • Ambient temperature: 25-degree Centigrade
  • Initial Water temperature: 16-degree Centigrade
  • Final temperature: 60-degree Centigrade
  • Flow rate of water: 2 liter per minute

Materials needed for homemade solar water heaters

  • Wooden strip (2×3/4 inch) for making frame: 12 ft
  • Wooden strip (1×1 inch) for support: 6 ft
  • Aluminum metal pipe (10 mm): 48 ft
  • Hard sheet (3 mm): 48 ft
  • Thermocol sheet: 2×4 ft
  • Aluminum metal sheet: 2×4 ft
  • Rubber pipe (10 mm): 5 ft
  • Transparent plastic sheet: 2×4 ft
  • Metal wire
  • Iron nails: 1/2 inch
  • Screws: 1.5 inch
  • Tube bender
  • Cementex glue
  • Black matte paint

Construction steps

  1. First we will make rectangular wooden frame of 2×4 ft using 2×3/4 inch wooden strips. The frame is then supported at three different places using 1×1 inch wooden strip.
  2. The wooden hard sheet is fixed over the frame so to provide a firm base.
  3. We will fix the thermocol sheet over it as insulation so to avoid heat losses.
  4. The next step is to fix metal sheet on it.
  5. The second part of the geyser is it’s heat exchanger, we will make it using aluminum pipe and tube bender to bend the pipe in U shape.
  6. Rubber pipe joins the two parts of exchanger since we have to join four aluminum pipes.
  7. We will fix exchanger to the frame using metal wire hence keeping it at one place.
  8. Paint all the surface with black matte paint including exchanger pipes.
  9. Finally we will fix transparent plastic sheet over frame with cementex glue firmly.

Plan 2

Soda bottle solar water heater

Soda bottle solar water heater
Soda bottle solar water heater

Materials needed for homemade solar water heaters

  • Knife
  • Glue
  • Tin foil
  • Soda bottle ( I suggest Sprit bottle )
  • thermometer


  1. Cleaning soda bottle
  2. Aluminum foil wrapped half of soda bottle
  3. Top up the soda bottle
  4. The cap is punched and the thermometer measures the starting temperature.
  5. Support the soda bottle with a wooden stick and place it in direct sunlight.
  6. Measure the water temperature in the bottle after two hours

Disadvantage:Low efficiency, low heating water, can not be used on a large scale

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Plan 3

There is also a tubular solar water heater heating method.Heating will produce harmful substances, so it will not be described in detail.

Plastic tube type homemade solar water heater

Plastic tube type homemade solar collector

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