It is well known that solar water heaters are very popular in Malaysia. We are suppliers of solar heaters, providing 100l, 300l…600l water heaters and water tank solutions. It is very interesting product air energy water heater, saving money, our aim Is only selling high quality products and services at reasonable prices.

solar hot water heater malaysia
solar hot water heater malaysia

What is a solar water heater?

Solar water heaters use solar collectors to convert sunlight into renewable energy for water heating. Solar water heating systems include technologies that are increasingly being used around the world. In a basically installed solar hot water system, the water storage tank is horizontally mounted above the solar collector on the roof.

No pumping is required, because best solar water heater malaysia naturally rises to the tank through a thermal siphon. These systems are designed to provide hot water for most of the year. However, during the rainy season, sometimes there may not be enough solar heat to provide enough hot water.

Pre-installed heater elements or any type of immersion heater are then solar water heater price philippines used as spare parts to assist the heating process.

Hot water is needed for several functions and so the sun is used , expeditiously and to supply this heat. The warming impact of radiation is clear and it’s standard that a container of cold water, left exposed to the sun are raised in temperature.

solar water heating systems area unit designed to create convenient use of this development.The solar tank will heat water up to 90-degree C.

Malaysia Solar water heater product & price list

Air source water heater

  • Air is an intelligent and energy-saving alternative to traditional solar water heaters. It does not use solar collectors, but uses efficient heat pump technology to extract heat from the surrounding air.
  • Air operates in a roughly opposite way to refrigerators. Ambient air is used for heating and converting refrigerants into gases. The gas is compressed in the integrated compressor unit at the top of the tank to generate further heat, which is transferred to the water.
  • Air also uses advanced design to provide a single real top-down heating. Control the water flow superheat exchanger to ensure that the water is heated to 60 C at one time and deposited on the top of the storage tank for immediate use. This ensures the availability of hot water without waiting for the whole tank to be heated.
  • Air’s large compressor can be restored faster, thus providing faster heating water. has storage capacity and recovery capacity similar to electric water heater, but it has energy-saving effect of solar water heater.
  • Ceramic-lined water tanks with protective anodes have been developed for longer service life, allowing you to rest comfortably. It is also equipped with an electric power booster to ensure continuous hot water supply in cold weather conditions.

Electric storage water heater

Electric storage water heater
Electric storage water heater
  • Storage water heaters are the most common type of water heating system in homes best storage water heater malaysia today
  • needed hot water in the home for activities such as bathing, laundry or dishwashing, water is released from the top of the tank when you turn on the hot water tap.
  • As hot water is released, cold water enters the bottom of the tank to keep the tank full. To keep hot water constantly available to the home, water is continuously heated in the tank even when a hot water tap isn’t running.
  • This results in standby heat loss. Some storage water heater models have heavily insulated tanks that can reduce heat losses and reduce the demand for fuel to heat the water.
Tank capacity ( ltr)price($)

Stainless steel low pressure solar water heater

  • The cheap and reliable solution, solar water heater malaysia price Simple structures, Easy installation.
  • The high efficiency of heating, water heated by sunlight directly.
  • Withstands water pressure no more than 0.1MPa.
  • Operated without any power supply.
  • An electric heater can be used as a back-up in rainy days.
  • Hot water can be used directly or can be used as a pre-heater.
  • Water flow in the vacuum tubes and is operated when confined.
  • The tank is equipped with an electric water heater setting, an automatic temperature controller(optional ).
  • the insulating layer uses polyurethane bulk bubble, keep hot water 72 hours.
Tank capacity ( ltr)price($)

Glass Tubes Solar Water Heater

1. Strong hydraulic pressure makes your bath more comfortable
2.module design, arbitrary combination, harmonious with the building perfectly
3.Intelligent controlling and multiple functions
4.The arbitrary combination with the structure of your beautiful constructions
5. Separate installation conveniently
6.workable at any time and enjoyable
7.Working with assistant resource
8. Full set of original equipment, the lifetime will be much longer to ensure better using

Tank capacity ( ltr)price($)

Flat plate solar water heater

  • Safe and steady
    Flat plate solar collector uses all cooper fluid tube; System operating is steady; components are not easy to be damaged;
  • Pressurized operating
    Working pressure is 0.6Mpa; designed pressure is 1.2Mpa; the hot water is forced to stream out from the top; it is convenient to use.
  • High heat efficiency
    Absorbing coating of the collector is black chrome and blue sputtering; absorbing rate is 92-96%, and the emission rate is 5%-15%; heat efficiency is high
  • Good temperature preservation
    Thickness illustration layer is 50mm; constant temperature high pressure solar geyser price quantitative foam; less than 5 Celsius Degree per 24
  • Long using life
    The inner tank is 1.2-2.0mm stainless steel; resist high temperature and corrosion; 15 years using life.
  • Several models fulfill a different user need
    According to customers’ requirement, we put our several modes with different specifications to suit flatlet, villa, hotel, and factories. , etc
Tank capacity ( ltr)price($)

Heat Pipe Collector Solar Water Heater

A heat pipe that’s inserted into the fin absorbs this heat and transfers it to the copper header at the highest of the collector. mini solar water heater, the warmth pipe may be a skinny copper tube that contains a little quantity of alcohol liquid. Once the warmth pipe is subject to the a little quantity of warmth the liquid within vaporizes and turns into steam. It then rises to the highest of the warmth pipe wherever it reaches a condenser. Once the warmth is far away from the condenser by a heating fluid like water or a mix of water and glycol, the alcohol returns to the lowest of the warmth pipe wherever it repeats its cycle. domestic solar water heater, The condenser is inserted into a copper manifold wherever the warmth is transferred to the heating fluid passing through the manifold.

Tank capacity ( ltr)price($)

Split type solar water heating system

Tank Specification
Inner tank material:
Option A.) SUS304 1.2mm thick
Option B.) Enamelled steel 2.5mm thick

Outer tank material: Color steel 0.5mm thick
Insulation: polyurethane 50mm thick

Heat exchanger material
stainless steel or copper coil or enameled steel coil (single or dural or no coil)

Tank capacity ( ltr)price($)

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Solar Water Heating System

  • Direct heating system

Cold water is supplied directly to hot water storage tanks and solar collectors. When the solar collector absorbs the heat of the sun, the cold water becomes hot and rises to the storage tank through the Thermosyphon principle.

  • Indirect heating system

Cold water is supplied to the internal tank. Then, the external tank and best water heater malaysia solar collector are indirectly pre-charged with heating fluid (closed-circuit liquid). When the solar collector absorbs heat from the sun, the heating fluid heats up and rises to the tank. The heated fluid then transfers its heat to the cold water stored in the tank.

Why is the solar water heater system the best choice?

  1. Environmental Benefits – Compared with the use of fossil fuels to produce hot water, it can reduce environmental pollution and the generation of greenhouse gas-carbon dioxide.
  2. Saving energy – Solar energy is everyone’s energy, as long as there are sites and equipment, anyone can use it free of charge.
  3. Safety – unlike the risk of explosion or poisoning with gas, the fear of explosion with fuel oil boilers, or the possibility of leakage with electricity.
  4. Take up no space – do not need special operation to run automatically. In addition, solar collectors are installed on the roof and do not occupy any indoor space.
  5. Have economic benefits – Normal solar water heater is not easy to damage, life at least 10 years, or even 20 years, because the basic heat source is free solar energy, so it is very cost-effective to use it.

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