We are committed to the long-term research and development of kitchen appliances, gas geyser price And cost always insist on ensuring high quality gas geyser manufacturing process. With more than 20 years of strong manufacturing foundation and careful design, through careful and user experience, escoo integrates advanced aesthetics into its advanced built-in appliances to create a neat and attractive kitchen for users who enjoy improving quality of life.

We offer cheap and good quality gas geysers.

gas geyser price
gas geyser price

Want to know gas geysers price?

Gas geyser price is $1,000 to $1,800, Do you usually end up suffering from minor heartaches upon seeing your electricity bills every month? does one often wait sort of a hawk outside your toilet for the water to get heat enough to require a correct bathtub before shutting off the geyser? Well, you will have a sigh of relief since you’ll find many gas based mostly water geysers, that run on LPG or PNG.

1. Gas TypeNatural Gas (G 20) LPG (G 30/G31)
2. Gas Inlet Pressure m Bar20
3. Fan Power w40
4. Water Flow ΔT 25C lt/min12
5. Rated Power P kW20
6. Rated LoadQ kW23
7. Gas Consumption kg/h2.74
8. Min. Water Pressure Bar0.2
9. Max. Water Pressure Bar10
10. Electric Connection Volt240 AC 50 Hz 58 W IP 44
11. Rated Heat Load Kw23
12. Net Weight kg?14.9
13. Dimensions mm568 x 355 x 103
15. Cold Water1/2″
16. Hot Water1/2″
17. Natural Gas1/2″
18. Exhaust Gas60
19. Airintake Duct100

How Gas Geysers Development Trends?

Technology has advanced to new levels during this epoch. Electricity geysers have given way to gas geysers, that became a typical sight in most of the homes across the country.

However, to urge a good product to fulfil your demand of hot water geyser throughout winter days, you wish to match the assorted varieties of geysers offered in the market.

Can winter gas geysers bathe?

Though we tend to love the winter season, we’ve got have to be compelled to hand it to the person World Health Organization fictitious Geyser. we tend to all dread those early morning baths once the first bit of cold water hits us and sends a shiver all over our body.

With the utilization of gas geysers, you’d ne’er need to worry about cold showers anymore. In fact, you’d even anticipate to your morning baths with the hot water provided by gas water geysers.

advantages of an gas geyser unit

  • GAS Geyser prices are affordable
  • Exchange your electric Geyser with an Water Heater & Save on Energy expenses.
  • Economical Hot Water .Energy efficient, Water is only heated when required.
  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint.

How can gas geysers work cheaper?

Gas water heaters run on LPG and are extremely energy economical. {they are|they’re} lighter in weight than conventional water heaters and are terribly cost effective too.

gas geyser price, The technology behind a gas hot-water heater is that water moves through a gas pipeline or cylinder, that then passes through a device. the heat money changer features a water pipelined with fins.

The burner placed below the heat money changer is kindled mistreatment an electric impulse. The fins are hot that in turn heats the water, providing you with hot water for your bath. It provides instant heating, and therefore the system switches off like a shot when you shut the faucet.

Since these water geysers don’t need electricity connections, they’re honest suited kitchens and might be used for laundry as well as improvement functions. gas geyser price, Gas geysers are relatively cheaper to use because of their instant heating capability.

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