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geyser prices in karachi
geyser prices in karachi

What kind of geysers are suitable for Karachi?

Geyser prices in karachi – Flat and vacuum tube fountains are widely used in Pakistan during the cold season or winter season. For those living in the coldest parts of Pakistan, the flat fountain is the first choice; because the gas supply in a specific area is not suitable for low pressure. Water production, product specifications, warranties and unique features vary, and the escoo geysers are used in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad and Quetta geysers, and are loved by many families in Karachi.

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 geysers in Karachi

Descripitionall stainless steel low pressure solar water heater
Material of out tankstainless steel 0.4mm
Material of inner tank enamel, SUS304 stainless steel
Tank insulating layer55mm 45kg/m³ high-density polyurethane foamed
Inlet and outlet holeMale G 1/2, 3/4
Max pressure0.05 Mpa
Solar collector tube3.3 Borosilicate glass with Cu-SS-ALN/ANL. coating
Thickness of glass tube1.6mm
Vacuum tube tightnessP≤0.005 Pa
Emission ratioεh=0.04-0.06(80C±5C)
Idle sunningY=220~260m2.C/KW
property parameters
Average heatULT=0.6~0.7W/(m2.C)
loss coefficient
Bracket:1.4mm thickness stainless steel with paint
Structure of tank:5 holes for air vent,overflow,water inlet and outlet,electric heater
Welding:Argon arc welding
Fastening pieces:Made of stainless steel screw
Tube quantity30 tube 58×1,800mm
Tank capacity180L
Afford for house3-4persons

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