Build a solar hot water heater, solar energy is vacuum tube and stainless steel water tank. Solar water heaters are the main industry for solar energy applications. It provides people make new environmentally friendly, safe, energy-efficient and sanitary water heater products. Solar water heaters absorb solar heat and heat cold water. Provide energy-saving equipment that people use in life and consumption.

 solar water heater
solar water heater

How to build a solar hot water heater

  1. materials: box (preferably iron), small cans (must be metal), foam, reflectors (can use cigarette paper in the cigarette case, mirrors, discs …), tape, black paint ,cellophane.
  2. 2. The box and cans should be painted black (this can absorb more heat, because the black can absorb light), the foam (also black) dig a hole just can plug into the cans of 3/5 (from the insulation To prevent heat from escaping, 2/5 is exposed to the outside to receive sunlight, and the bubble is put into a box with a can, sealed with cellophane, and a support frame is placed behind the box so that the box can be erected against the sun, behind the box, The reflectors are mounted on the top and left and right, and the reflectors below can be tiled directly on the floor in front of the box. (The bigger the reflector, the better, so that it can absorb more light and heat). The reflected light must be able to shine on the box or small On the tank, let the box and the small tank absorb more heat. The simple solar water heater is made.

How to make a solar hot water heater

every morning, billions of photons are despatched streaming from the sun in the direction of planet Earth. once they strike a surface, the atoms get excited and begin to move quicker, producing heat, or warming up. This process is known as thermal conduction and is the scientific precept behind the layout of passive sun water heaters. A passive device uses no transferring elements or gas, so there’s no pollutants. Following these directions you may build an cheaper, easy passive solar water heater that will warmth water to a hundred and fifty degrees.

Make a solar hot water heater

This simple solar hot water heater presents both domestic hot water and area heating. you could adjust the scale and layout to fulfill the needs of your private home. You’ll locate nearly all of the materials at your neighborhood hardware or lumber save, and to construct it, you need handiest simple carpentry abilties and a little plumbing Amazingly, the fee of this DIY device is most effective approximately one-eighth of what you’ll pay for an equal business system!

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