The solar geysers are divided into non-pressure geysers and pressure geysers.Pressure-bearing geysers are widely used at present, and will rise faster than non-pressure-bearing water temperatures. Pressure geysers are divided into: flat solar geysers and split solar geysers.ESCOO can provide solar geysers system!

Pressure geyser
Pressure geyser

What is pressure geyser ?

In a geyser, water is heated. The pressure inside the reservoir is determined through the strain of the tap water used to feed it, and it may increase by the growth of the water on heating. The reservoir is rated for a maximum pressure. The complete system will consist of a pressure escape valve to be able to miss some water if the stress is going up at some point of the heating process. in all likelihood, the restricting pressure score of that escape valve is the stress rating of the geyser itself: it defines absolutely the most pressure of the feed water machine. The reservoir itself can sustain (lots) better strain.

Pressure Control Valves

escoo range of pressure control valves with integral expansion, are designed for high flow capacity with accurate pressure control. The escoo range includes an isolating valve.

High pressure solar geyser

Typically characterized by an enclosed heating unit containing copper tubes connected indirectly to a tank. The tank may be located next to heating unit or separately such as under the roof. The high-pressure Direct Pressure Solar geyser System features evacuated tubes and heat pipes. The evacuated tube absorbs solar energy and converts it into heat energy, this energy is then used in the process of heating water. There is no direct connection between the heating fluids in the copper tubes and the water being heated.

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