The inner bladder is the heart of the solar water heater, and its characteristics affect the overall product life. wholesale porcelain enamel solar water heater,Because stainless steel liner technology is easy to achieve, production equipment, research and development costs are low, more than 90% of the products on the market use the porcelain enamel liner.

wholesale porcelain enamel solar water heater
wholesale porcelain enamel solar water heater

We provide wholesale porcelain enamel solar water heater services?

wholesale the high quality high pressure flat plate glass lined tank solar water heating system for sale from ESCOO. we tend to square measure one in every of the biggest manufacturers in China, providing you the customized service and therefore the quotation and therefore the price list consultation.

We supply wholesale porcelain enamel solar water heaters

ESCOO is one among the biggest solar water heater manufacturers in China, providing the customized service and therefore the quotation and therefore the listing consultation. Equipped with advanced equipment and technology, we can assure you the nice quality of our products. Welcome to wholesale the solar water heater for sale from us.

How enamel solar water heaters are made?

No contacting point, no leakage, long life, it’s manufactured by choosing special qualified porcelain enamel steel plate and integrated stretching only once molding process and no wire automatic plasma attachment. meanwhile being introduced recent technology from germany, it melts special element compound once baking at 900*C and inner flask steel wall and forms special Blue -Gold metallic element Steel inner vessel. It features no corrosion forever, no run forever, no scale forever, no shrunken by pumping, no broken by pressing, etc. it’s distinctive special inner flask in China .Particularly it’s appropriate for town, seawater, deep well at completely different region. Its operation life will be over 15 years.


  1.  Tank:Tank material (exterior): Colored Steel Sheet  (thickness: 0.4 mm)
  2.     Tank material (interior): 1Titanium Steel and Enamel Coating(Titanium   Steel thickness: 2 mm, Enamel Coating thickness: 0.5 mm)
  3. Tank Capacity: 100 L to 400 L
  4. Outer Tank Diameter: 460 mm
  5. Tank Include: 1.5kw or 2.5kw Electric Heating Element, T&P Valve, Mg Anode
  6. Vacuum Tube : Heat Pipe Diameter: 58 mm   Length: 1800 mm
  7.  Support: Galvanized Steel  (thickness:1.5 mm)
  8. Packing: carton

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