high pressure solar geyser prices

This is a high system. It may be used for town pressure, high pressure solar geyser prices, though it’s been tested at a lot of higher pressures. Problems with freezing can be expected only at MINUS 35o Celsius.Low pressure systems are well cheaper than high systems. All high systems use a one.2mm chrome steel tank.

high pressure solar geyser prices
high pressure solar geyser prices

What is high pressure solar geyser?

thermal solar systems in low-pressure and high-pressure models. The nonaggressive gravity feed complete system consists of a vacuum glass tube collector, AN insulated vessel and nonobligatory stand elements (makeup tank). The exhausted glass tubes square measure stuffed with water and exposed to the sun, therefore heating up the water within the glass tubes.

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Can a high pressure solar geysine save power?

High Pressure solar Geysers, Solar Geysers additionally referred to as solar Water Heaters measure the one simplest way to bring down your households energy prices.high pressure solar geysers south africa, the common South African home spends around 30-40% of the electricity used, on heating the geyser. once replaced with AN adequately sized solar geyser, you’ll be able to eliminate the majority of this energy usage.

Product specification:
1). Inner tank: SUS304-2B stainless steel by argon protect welding& thickness: 0.4~0.5mm
2). Outer tank:Color steel coated anti-corrosion layer &thickness:0.4~0.5mm;
3). Insulation layer: Imported polyurethane foamed with overall high pressure equipment &thickness:50~60mm; Density:42~45KG/m3;
4). Vacuum tube: SS-AlNX/Cu or Al-N/Al high selective coating tube &thickness:1.6mm
5). Freeze protection:-25oC
6). Hair resistance: 25-35mm
7). Bracket: hot galvanized steel painted with anti-corrosion layer &thickness:1.5mm; Free installed on the inclined or flat roof; Wind stress: 183.5km/h without damage
9). All install documents are free
10) Option Feeder tank:
Inter-tank: SUS304-2B stainless Steel
Outer-tank: Stainless steel/ color steel
Capacity: 8L/20L
11). Option Controller: SP26 (More details)

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High-pressure solar geysers work principle

 It is the simplest one, the tube and tank are linked together, the working principle is like this: the vacuum tubes collect the sunshine and make the water in the tube to be hot, and then the cold water in the tank will circulate with water in tank automatically from time to time.high pressure solar geysers south africa, This is the simplest and normal model, but very efficient. In summer, the water temperature can reach up to 95 degrees, nearly boiling.

The design of this type easy operates. The assistant tank is used to fill the cold water automatically. The design is scientific and reasonable, it could always provide hot water.

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geyser prices
geyser prices

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