According to our understanding, flat panel solar collector is a device that absorbs solar radiation thermal energy and transfers heat to working substance. It is a special heat exchanger, in which the working substance exchanges heat with the long-distance sun. These devices are mainly used for active solar heating and allow the heating of water for personal use. Plate solar panels collectors are made up of heat Absorber plate core, shell, transparent cover, insulation material and related parts. They have fashionable appearance, high performance, multi-function, easy installation and strong field test durability. We offer solar collectors, design solar water heaters, enameled water tanks system, etc. We offer better prices!

flat plate solar collector
flat plate solar collector

What is solar collectors?

A solar collector is a device for collecting and/or concentrating solar radiation from the Sun described. These devices are mainly used for active solar panels and allow heating of water for personal use. These collectors are usually installed on roofs because they are exposed to different weather conditions and must be very strong.

What is a solar collector and how does it work?

The inside of the solar collectoris sometimesevacuated, the energy contained at intervals the solar collect is basicallycornered and therefore heats the agent contained within the tubes. The tubes are sometimesmade up of copper, and also theplate armor is painted black to assist absorb absorption of solar radiation.

What are the types of solar collectors?

  • Vacuum tube collectors are the most efficient but expensive type of hot water solar collectors.
  • Batch flatplate heaters, also known as integrated collector- storage tank closed loop systems, have tanks or pipes in the insulating box, glazed liquid on the south side to capture the energy of the sun.
  • The flat plate collector is a box covered with glass or plastic and having a metal absorber plate at the bottom. Glass or coatings on absorption plates help passive solar hot water heater to better absorb and maintain heat.

There are many different types of use of these solar collectors, but they are all built with the same basic premises in mind. Usually, solar thermal collector , there are materials that collect and focus energy from the sun and use it to heat losses water. One of the parabolic troughs simplest of these devices is to use black material around the pipeline through which water flows.

Black materials absorb solar radiation very well, and when they heat the water around them. This is a very simple industrial applications system design, but the flat panel can become very complex. Absorbing plates can be used if high outlet temperatures of collector are not required, but devices that usually use reflective materials to focus sunlight lead to higher temperature applications.

1.Tube plate type heat absorbing plate
Tube plate type heat

The tubesheet heat absorber is a flat plate solar collector heat absorber plate, which is formed by connecting the exhaust pipe and the flat plate in a certain way, and then welded with the upper and lower unglazed collectors. This is the structure type of heat absorbing plate which is widely used at home and abroad.

2.Wing tube type heat absorbing plate
Wing tube type heat

Wing tube heat absorber is made by extrusion and stretching of the die into a heat absorber strip with fins on both sides of the metal tube (such as the right picture), and then welded with the upper and lower manifolds to form a heat absorber plate. Aluminum alloy is generally used as the material of heat absorbing plate of flat solar collector.
The advantages of wing-tube heat absorber are: high thermal efficiency, the tube and the plate are integrated, without combined thermal resistance; strong pressure resistance, aluminum alloy tube can withstand higher pressure.

3.Snake tube heat absorber
Snake tube heat

Advantages of snake tube heat absorber: no additional welding header is customer’s specific energy needs to reduce the possibility of leakage; thermal efficiency
High, no combined thermal resistance; clean water, copper pipe will not be corroded; ensure quality, the whole production process to achieve mechanization; strong pressure resistance, copper pipe can withstand higher pressure.
The shortcomings of snake tube heat absorber are as follows: the flow resistance is large, the fluid passage is not parallel but series; the welding is difficult, and the weld is not straight line but curve.

4.Flat box heat absorber
Flat box heat

Flat box type heat absorbing plate is formed by pressing two metal plates separately, and then welded into one to form heat absorbing plate. The material of heat absorbing plate can be stainless steel, aluminium alloy, galvanized steel, etc.

Defects of flat box heat absorber plate: welding process is difficult, easy to appear problems of penetration or improper welding; poor pressure resistance, solder joint can not withstand higher pressure; poor dynamic characteristics, large cross section of fluid channel, heat absorber plate has larger heat capacity; sometimes water quality is not easy to guarantee, aluminum alloy and galvanized steel will be corroded.

5.Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

This type of solar collector uses a series of vacuum tubes to heat water for use. These tubes use vacuum or vacuum space to capture solar energy, while minimizing heat loss to the surrounding environment. They have an internal metal tube used as an absorption plate, which is connected to a heat pipe to transfer the heat collected from the sun to the water. This heat pipe is essentially a pipe with a fluid at a specific pressure

6.Flat Plate Solar Collectors

The side and bottom of the collector are usually covered with thermal insulation to minimize the loss of heat to other parts of the collector. The solar radiation passes through the transparent glass material and hits the absorption plate. The plate is heated to transfer heat to water or air between the glass and the absorption plate. Sometimes, these heat absorbing plates are coated with special coatings, which have better ability to absorb and retain heat than traditional black coatings.


  • High thermal efficiency
  • Explosion proof
  • new technology
  • Small energy loss
  • Easy to operate

Solar collector design YouTube guide

Guide to purchasing solar collectors

  • Solar flat plate collector is manufactured by laser welding to improve its performance and aesthetics. Laser welding of absorption tubes ensures very high mechanical bonding to withstand high temperature gradients and thermal expansion. These collectors are made of the highest absorption coating in the industry, namely vapor deposition coating.
  • The building aluminium angle inside the collector includes special pin clips and rivets to ensure high stability. Silicon is not used on the collector. Extruded parts of ribbed aluminium alloy and smooth compressed EPDM gaskets provide water tightness. This allows easy access to the collector at any time or place for maintenance or maintenance.
  • The glass washer on the equipment ensures long service life and avoids all water infiltration! It is also equipped with a general installation framework.

What is the purpose of a solar collector?

solar-thermal collectors heating air. A easy solar air heaters consists of an absorber fabric, from time to time having a selective surface, to seize radiation from the solar and transfers this thermal power to air through conduction heat transfer.

What is an evacuated tube solar collector?

Vacuum electrical engineering collector. ETC vacuum tube solar collector converts solar energy into available heat in solar hot water heating system. This energy can be used for home and commercial hot traditional domestic water heating, swimming pool heating, solar collector design space heating application and even air conditioning.

Product parameters

this is our active solar collectors Product parameter introduction

Modeles 01es 02es 03
Absorber area ㎡222
Absorber area ㎡
Conversion factor % 77.379.872.8
Loss coefficient a1w/K3.93.654.33
Loss coefficient a2w/㎡K0.00520.00650.021
Fluid content L2.222.223
Maximum operating pressure Mpa110.3
Net Weight KG333332

What are disadvantages of solar collectors?

dangers of solar electricity,The unpredictability of fossils fuels has spooked large players within the simple type of heat exchanger region into exploring opportunity, renewable and cheap sources of power. the largest funding is visibly slanting toward sun, wind and hydropower. whilst hydropower still regulations the energy world, solar gives a clear preference for inexpensive power stepping into the future.

So, what is solar strength? it is power derived from the sun. Renewable electricity technology including solar cells and efficiency of the main components of a flat plate panel are used to harness the sun’s energy to provide mild, warmness, hot water and technology of power for houses, organizations, and industries

What is the aperture area of a solar collector?

Collector aperture area. The opening area of the concentrating solar collector is the area to which the solar radiation passes through the opening. Due to the influence of incident angle or shadow, solar collector panels the size of this area does not include any reduced area. After passing through the hole, it can absorb sunlight.

How much solar collector price

our flat plate solar collector price between $20 – $185.

A single evacuated tube collector normally charges among $1,100 and $2,400 to buy—a good way to sufficiently keep among 40 and 80 gallons of water. For more water than that, several collectors will have to be installation in a chain and the charge of the device will boom for each delivered machine.

Solar collector panels

fine creation and clever design ensure that HTP’s Flat Plate Panels meet the highest standards for reliability, heat output, and go back on funding.The flat plate collector capabilities a low profile layout (80mm / 3.15″ profile), which blended with ultra-lightweight melamine foam insulation, makes it one of the lightest flat plate panels per m2 in the marketplace.

most of the key benefits of solar panels are around 11-15% green. The performance of the panels is measured by using the solar parabolic apparatus quantity of daylight hitting the panel, which in flip gets transformed into electricity.
sun collectors—or panels—gather power radiated by using the solar and convert it into useful warmness within the shape of hot water

active solar collectors

active solar collector is a machine which collects the solar’s rays from an area in which sun hits and focuses the rays in one point. sun series structures falls into fundamental corporations which entails flat plate collectors and concentrating collectors.

solar air heating systems use air because the working fluid for absorbing and transferring sun power. sun air collectors can without delay heat individual rooms or can potentially pre-heat the air passing into a heat recovery ventilator or thru the air coil of an air-source heat pump.

disadvantages of flat plate collector

The principal disadvantage of a flat plate collector is that due to the absence of optical awareness, the location from which warmness is misplaced is massive. also because of the identical cause high temperatures cannot be attained and as a end result the collection efficiency is normally low.

  • smooth to manufacture
  • Low fee
  • gather each beam and diffuse radiation
  • completely constant (no state-of-the-art positioning or tracking device is required)
  • Little maintenance
  • efficient

How does a solar collector convert energy?

solar energy collectors
The fundamental issue of any sun gadget is the solar collector. this is a device that absorbs the incoming solar radiation, converts it into warmness, and transfers the heat to a fluid (usually air, water, or oil) flowing thru the collector.

Why are solar collectors black?

solar panels are blue due to the type of silicon (polycrystalline) that is used for a certain set of sun panels. The blue color is largely because of an anti-reflective coating that allows improve the absorbing potential and efficiency of the sun panels. Black sun panels (monocrystalline) are often extra efficient as black surfaces extra certainly take in light.

How efficient are solar collectors?

sun thermal creditors are solar radiation conversion structures that gather and remodel solar electricity into warmth, with efficiencies depending at the working temperature and ranging commonly between 30% and 80%.

What is the function of solar collector?

A solar collector is a tool that collects and/or concentrates solar radiation from the solar. these devices are in general used for energetic sun heating and allow for the heating of water for non-public use.

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