The stainless steel solar geyser is designed with an all glass evacuated solar collector tube as an endothermic element. The high vacuum between the outer tube and the inner tube reduces the heat dissipation caused by convection and conduction to a very low level. This article is related to stainless steel solar geyser price list.

stainless steel solar geyser price list
stainless steel solar geyser price list

How stainless steel solar geysers are made?

Solar geysers are fabricated using the world first Double-Weld system, a groundbreaking manufacturing technique, using state of the art welding systems enabling external as well as internal welds providing unmatched weld strength and quality.

This unique and exclusive welding technique in combination with top grade Stainless Steel produces solar storage tanks guaranteed to provide long service under the most strenuous working conditions. Our solar geysers installations department is managed using a unique quality management system designed to consistently deliver quality installations.

Stainless steel solar geysers price advantage

As the name implies, stainless steel solar geyser is made of stainless steel, painted steel solar geyser is made up of painted steel. Painted steel solar geyser, which refers to steel plate’s surface with a material of organic coating, can have different kinds of color and appreciate appearance.

On the other hand, painted steel solar geyser has some advantages over the stainless steel solar geyser, for example, it has the longer working life. But, not for this, the price of stainless steel solar geyser is slightly expensive than the stainless steel solar geyser.

Thanks to the surface coating, it can use three or four years, but as time goes by, the surface coating can also fall off. Some types of solar geyser have its own microprocessor with switching outputs and temperature recording inputs. So the controller can be expanded to maximum inputs and outputs at any time.

The solar geyser controller has inputs for recording irradiation or flow rate, temperature. The outputs for solar geyser controller can control circulation pumps or switching valves.

ESCOO stainless steel solar geyser price list

ESCOO is one of the largest stainless steel solar water heater manufacturers in China, offering the customized service and the quotation and the 100 litre geyser price list consultation. Equipped with advanced equipment and technology, we can assure you the good quality of our products. Welcome to wholesale the stainless steel solar water heater for sale from us.

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