custom low pressure heaters

Custom low pressure heaters,the temperature stability of the solar water heater is good. As long as there is hot water in the water tank, the phenomenon of heat and cold will not appear first. low pressure heaters has long service life, energy saving and saving money, and it will not cause pollution to the environment,We offer geyser for sale.

custom low pressure heaters
custom low pressure heaters

Difference between pressurized and non pressurized solar water heaters

There is not really a product that can be called a low pressure solar water geyser. A low pressure solar water geyser is classified as a “low” pressure solar water geyser. If asked the question what is low pressure on a scale of 1bar to 4 bar then one will realise that even 1 bar pressure is high.

The so called low pressure solar water geyser cannot withstand any pressure and that is why any manufacturer of the so called “LOW” pressure solar water geysers are forced by the SABS to clearly mark their makers plate in the pressure column as “0” bar.

This means that it does not matter what pressure you feed into the system it will be reduced to “0” bar on the outlet side of the system.

This in turn means that you could take a nice pressurised shower before you installed a “low” pressure solar water geyser. After the installation you will not have a pressurised shower again.

Low vs pressurized solar water heater price

Be aware of this fact. A high pressure solar water geyser on the other hand is tested at the SABS to withstand pressures of up to 4bar and the makers plates will indicate in the bar pressure column “4bar”.

By installing a high pressure solar water geyser you will ensure that you maintain the pressure in your hot water system and that you can take a nice pressurised shower. All and all the difference between a “low and “HIGH” pressure solar water geyser is that the “low” pressure system cannot handle pressure at all and the high pressure system can handle high pressure.

This is the reason for a “low” pressure solar water geyser being much cheaper, but also inferior and normally of very low quality. Is it a good decision to purchase a “low” pressure solar water geyser? Definitely not!

Non pressure solar water heater components

Solar Evacuated Vacuum Tubes were invented in Australia in the 1980’s and are now the most widely used solar collector in the market. They offer significant advantages over a flat plate collector, however, are generally more expensive to manufacture and install.

Solar vacuum tube is more efficient

The supply both dry and wet (flooded) solar evacuated tubes, coupled with high and low pressure water tanks. These vacuum tubes of borosilicate glass allow greater efficiency than flat panel collectors by reducing conduction and convection heat loss.

The circular tubes also minimize the impact of direct hail, snow build up and also allow for greater radiant heat absorbance in the early and latter periods of the day.

Solar vacuum tube is an effective method for solar water heater system

Wet solar evacuated tubes are filled with antifreeze treated liquid, which absorbs the radiant heat from the sun, the hot water then rises to the top of the tube via thermosyphon and into the heat transfer tank.

Wet evacuated tubes and low pressure heat transfer tanks are a simple and effective way of heating water, which minimizes the threat of legionella, and increases longevity of the system via an open vented low pressure tank.

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