We can produce models according to the special requirements of customers.150l geyser price, Both integrated and non pressure models, or compact pressure models or preheating models or separate pressure models, can be produced.

150l geyser price
150l geyser price

What is 150l geyser?

The150l geyser is manufactured with two additional ports and as a result is ideally suited for direct solar systems.the 150l geyser is weather resistant and has additional insulation allowing it to be installed inside or on top of the roof.

A 150L geyser is suitable for a household of up to 3 people.Suitable for coastal areas where the temperature does not reach below zero degrees.

150l solar geyser price list

This is the price list of our 150 liter enamel water tank, enamel can withstand poor saline water quality

Tank capacity ( ltr)price($)

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Brief introduction of 150 l solar geyser :

Solar geysers are devices that use sunlight to heat the water temperature. Solar geysers are divided into vacuum tube solar geysers  and flat plate solar water heaters. Vacuum tube solar geysers occupy 95% of the domestic market share.

The vacuum tube type household solar geyser is composed of heat collector tube, storage tank and bracket. The solar energy is converted into heat energy mainly by vacuum collector tube, and the principle of water sinking by hot water is used to produce water microcirculation to reach the hot water.

Working principle of solar geyser:

The sunlight passes through the glass cover plate of the plate collector, absorbs the heat of the solar energy and passes the heat copper tube to the plate collector.

The water in the copper tube becomes light along the heat surface of the copper tube and enters the heat storage tank.150l geyser price, The relatively low temperature in the barrel enters the collector with the back light surface of the copper tube, so it circulates continuously so The water in the thermal storage tank is heated continuously so as to achieve the purpose of hot water.

Solar water heaters convert solar energy into heat energy, and heat the water from low temperature to high temperature to meet the hot water use in people’s life and production.

Performance characteristics of 150l geyser :

  1. Economy: make full use of inexhaustible solar energy resources, invest in a long term and benefit from it. Save electricity, fuel costs, 1-2 years of recoverable investment, and the benefit will last up to 15 years.
  2. Advanced: select the copper and aluminum composite anode with the international pioneer level and no medium high frequency, soldering all copper plate core, high heat absorption capacity and high thermal efficiency.
  3. Safety: the system is fully automatic operation, fully automatic safety protection, no leakage, fire, poisoning, explosion and other dangerous, safe and reliable.
  4. Environmental protection: equipment running statically, noiseless and smokeless. It has sewage purification function, water quality is clean, clean and sanitary.
  5. Reliable: equipped with auxiliary heating device, rainy day, and hot water at night. The thermal insulation water tank has the function of water storage, which can satisfy the large number of personnel with hot water at the same time.
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