ESCOO solar geysers are widely used in Harare, and there are basically geysers appearing on the roofs of high-end residential buildings in Harare. This type of roof geysers is a very high-end product, and Harare has unique sunshine. Ideal for use with solar geysers in harare.

solar geyser
solar geyser

Solar geysers in harare

When water heaters become older, energy prices is high in terms of electricity usage. With the proper hot-water heater, you can thereforeheater and geyser services harare reduce your energy costs significantly. after you would like a replacement hot-water heater, you would like a reliable service and additionally a trustworthy whole.

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Solar water heaters use the infra red radiation from the sun a free resource which is plentiful in harare Zimbabwe.It is green, sustainable & cost effective to harvest.

Solar geysers can save money

A sun geyser is an less expensive and inexperienced alternative to conventional electricity hungry electric powered water heaters. The bloodless water entering the header tank is slowly released into the storage tank. The bloodless water clearly settles decrease and in that technique enters the vacuum collector tubes.

these tubes are designed to seize the heat of the sun’s rays at the same time as closing cool to touch. because the water is heated in the collector tube it rises and enters the garage tank that is insulated to ensure that the water stays hot for hours to come. which means you continue to gain from hot water all through the night.

How to use Geysers for free?

Heating up water accounts for 40% of your electricity bill. Installing a solar geyser literally means you are getting FREE hot water! You start saving from day one. The TUBE with the aid of ESCOO sun geysers are of the very best great with tubes with 2.2mm thick glass making them hail resistant.

the main tank which is incredibly insulated makes use of no-weld technology so it’s going to now not rust! sun water heating is the maximum price-effective way of ensuring that you can nonetheless have a warm bathtub or shower normal – despite the fact that there is a electricity cut.A solar geyser is the handiest appliance in order to generate unfastened, easy strength even as maintaining the environment and saving you cash!

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