Common self-make solar water heaters at home use black plastic buckets, iron buckets or black paint on the outer surfaces of the barrels to achieve rapid heat absorption. However, it is often difficult to solve the problem of insulation. Such water heaters are commonly used in summer.

make solar water heater
make solar water heater

How to make  solar water heater

For you make solar water heater is a amazing manner to keep a few money for your power bill with the help of the solar. It’s an easy and green way for all and sundry to create their  home water heater using simple materials that may be located in maximum stores. With the limitless possibilities of designs and ideas for the home solar heateri canshow three one-of-a-kind ways you may make it out of (in general) used materials. I built a water heater out of percentpiping, a radiator, and an antique boiler (so as to be connected to the pipe device to preserve greater water and hold it warm).


  1. Measure and cut a hole in the center of each end of the tank or bucket, pass the pipe through the tank, weld, weld or braze in place to ensure that the joint is watertight so that it is level with one end. This will be the bottom of the water heater.
  2. Measure and cut a hole at the top of the water heater to weld, braze or weld longer legs. This is the overflow/expansion/pressure release pipe, without which the heater will not work at all, because you will not be able to get the pipe in or turn your heater into a bomb that will explode and have devastating consequences.
  3. Cut one or two holes at the bottom of the tank, insert, weld, weld or braze them in place to serve as entrance and exit, or use a pipe to perform two functions, or just cut a hole at the top and pour water into the tank. However, if you don’t want the water to flow out quickly, you need to install a faucet at the bottom.
  4. Cut a rectangular hole at the bottom of a top-less cylinder block through which you can fuel your flame and remove the ash.
  5. If you plan to use the water heater indoors, cut a second round hole on the back, opposite the rectangular hole. Fix a tube of the same diameter as the chimney to the hole.
  6. Put the pipe through a hole in the wall so that the other end of the pipe is outside the building, so that as long as the fire box door is closed, the fire will inhale air from the outside rather than from the inside.
  7. Put the tank on the top of the non-top cylinder and weld or braze it in place. Fill the tank with water and set fire at the bottom to heat the water.

make water Heater at Home Easy way youtube guide

Install solar water heater 

At home Heating water for our homes is considered one of the biggest drains of power, but for the ones who have had a chilly shower on a cold day, hot water is non-negotiable. this is one sacrifice even the greenest of inexperienced humans aren’t normally inclined to make. thankfully for them (and the planet), with a touch forethought and ingenuity, it’s far possible to create a make water heater at home that runs on the sun by myself.

  • Put the water heater in place and connect the pipe. If your old water heater does not have a connecting hose, Please add a connecting hose.
    Make sure the hot water tap is still open and the water supply is turned on.
  • This prevents air from trapping in pipes. Let the water run out of each tap for a minute and then turn it off. Connect the wire again, turn on the power supply and wait for the water to heat up

How to save energy for your water heater?

Buy an energy-saving water heater.
Although the cost of these high-end models is higher than that of standard water heaters, as time goes on, the cost savings will increase and eventually the cost differences will be paid. Be sure to find the Energy Star label on the new water heater and choose the right style according to your needs. It is very important to learn many different types of heaters before choosing an energy-saving type.
Cool down.
Manufacturers set most water heaters at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but most households only need 120 degrees Fahrenheit. A water heater set at 140 degrees not only exposes you to scald water, but also causes mineral accumulation and corrosion. To lower the temperature, turn off the power and put the thermostat on the water heater. Electric water heaters usually have thermostats behind the spiral plates, while gas storage water heaters close them to the bottom of the tank.

How to Repair Electric Water Heater?

No hot water
A water heater that does not generate hot water may not be able to supply electricity, or may have a trip limit switch or a heating element with one or more heating faults. First, check the water heater circuit breaker in the maintenance panel to ensure that it is not tripped. If the circuit breaker trips, turn it off and then turn it on again.

If the heater’s circuit breaker is not tripping (it’s still on), try resetting the heater’s high temperature limit:

  • Close the circuit breaker to the water heater circuit in the maintenance panel.
  • Remove the overhaul panel of the upper heating element of the water heater.
  • Remove the insulation and plastic safety cover, and be careful not to touch any wires or terminals.
  • Press the red button above the upper thermostat – the high temperature cut-off reset button.
  • Replace safety protection devices, insulation materials and repair panels.
  • Open the heater circuit breaker.

Water leakage

Leakages are usually caused by leaks in connection between valves and pipes, but they may also be related to tank problems. The leaked water will cause serious damage to the house, so it is very important to repair the leak as soon as possible.
Leakage of water heater tank may be caused by loosening of heating element or corrosion of water tank. Check whether the component is loose or not. If necessary, tighten it with the component wrench. Corroded water tanks cannot be repaired and must be replaced. Turn off the power and water supply of the water heater, then completely empty the water tank to stop the leakage.

How does a solar water heater work?

Direct systems circulate water through solar creditors where it is heated via the solar. The heated water is then stored in a tank, despatched to a tankless water heater, or used without delay. those systems are optimum in climates wherein it rarely freezes. The sun’s thermal electricity heats the fluid in the solar collectors.

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