Low pressure solar geyser of all glass evacuated tube collector integrated with storage tank, are ideal for use in houses and other applications where cheap, reliable hot water supply is required. They are simple, economic and practical.

low pressure solar geyser
low pressure solar geyser

What is low pressure solar geyser?

The low pressure solar geyser gravity feed complete device consists of a vacuum glass tube collector, an insulated storage tank and optionally available stand components (make up tank). The evacuated glass tubes are packed with water and uncovered to solar, for this reason heating up the water inside the glass tubes.

How the water in the solar geysers is heated?

because the particular gravity of cold water is heavier than hot water, the hot water within the glass tubes begins rising within the insulated water tank, and the cold water within the insulated water tank sinks into the glass tubes. As this cycle is repeated, water in the solar water heater gets heated.

Where can low pressure solar geysers be used?

Low pressure solar geyser system is for domestic families in which electricity isn’t always to be had or in which there’s restrained energy deliver for lighting fixtures and/or for plug points i.e.solar geyser prices, low cost housing, farm house and staff dwellings on farms.

Geyser Advantages

  1. This type of solar heater is simple, with no moving parts.
  2. Due to lower pressure and stress on the tank and collectors, it has a longer life than mains pressure solar geyser systems.
  3. Due to its simplicity, it is usually a cheaper option (roughly 50 – 60% of high-pressure systems)
  4. Can provide hot water without external power.
  5. This type of solar heating system is lightweight.
  6. This type of solar geyser system is highly effective in converting sunlight into heat


  • It has limited uses with modern plumbing systems, as it can only be used where there is small head of pressure.
  • It can cause serious scalding if not installed or used correctly.
  • The entire solar geyser system needs to be shut down even if one glass tube breaks.


Tips for you: 
  • Considering the economics of a solar water heater system
  • Evaluate your site’s solar resource
  • Determine the correct system size
  • Determine the system’s energy efficiency
  • Estimate and compare system costs
high pressure solar geyser
high pressure solar geyser
solar geyser johannesburg
solar geyser johannesburg








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