Solar geyser china is manufactured and used in large quantities. China is one of the largest countries in the use of solar geysers. It has a mature solar water heater sales and manufacturing network. It is very affordable for solar water heaters. Buying a solar water heater is worthwhile. At the same time, we have good solar water heater efficiency, so you don’t need to consider the cost of investing too much!

solar geyser china
solar geyser china

Global Energy Crisis, China’s Solar Geyser Manufacturing and Respecting Customers Work Together to Solve the Energy Crisis

Solar Geyser Manufacturing in China, In the context of a growing global energy crisis, ESCOO has been established with a vision to identify and develop our efficient solar water heaters(solar geysers) to satisfy our esteem customers. We are devoted to provide environmentally friendly solar energy to beautify our living space. We are looking forward to establish a close cooperation with clients from all over the world.

China Solar Geyser Europe Progress

The introduction of solar thermal heating systems (water heaters), which use solar energy directly as heat, is making progress in China, Europe, and other areas. Solar geysers make hot water from solar heat and are used to supply hot water to homes. China’s installed capacity (cumulative total) as of the end of 2010 in particular accounted for approximately 70% of the world’s, with a difference of more than ten-times the capacity compared to the second-place Turkey.

Emerging countries in South America, integrated industrial chain solar geysers industry

China’s solar geyser industry in particular got its start in the latter half of the 1970s, and is comprised of an integrated industrial chain that extends all the way from processing the raw materials to the manufacturing, sales, and servicing of water heater products.

Within China there are said to be some 1,000 companies that are manufacturers of these solar thermal systems, with 25 companies that have received “Golden Sun” product certification. Most of the products are installed domestically within China, but they are also exported to newly emerging countries in Africa and Central and South America, and have even begun to be exported to Europe as well. Some imports are even entering Japan.

Solar geysers industry is widely used in homes, with huge economic profits

The solar geyser is one of the most widely used household appliances in China, why is it so popular? And what are the advantages of using solar geyser, the advantages of using solar geyser can be summarized in 3 points: energy efficiency, environmentally friendly, and security.

  1.  Energy efficiency
    For general families, using solar geyser can help them cut down the household expenses, with the help of the solar geyser, families do not need to heat water with electricity or gas, and as a result, the total cost will be cut down. Meanwhile, for the society, using solar geyser can decrease the consumption of the energy resources. And these saved energy resources can be applied to the productions of industry and argriculture, and they can bring great economic profit.
  2.  Environmentally friendly
    According to caculations, if a household pre-heating solar geyser can work for 15 years, then the volume of carbon dioxide emission can be cut down by 26 tons, the volume of carbon monoxide emission can be cut down by 136 tons, the volume of dust can be cut down by 1120 tons, the volume of sulfur dioxide emission can be cut down by 352 tons, and the volume of hydronitrogen emission can be cut down by 908 tons, these numbers are really huge. Therefore, using solar geyser can make the sky, mountains, water, and air much better, it is really a effective measure to protect the environment.
  3.  Security
    Nowadays, lots of people are using the gas water heater or the electrical ones, and no matter what kind of the water heater it is, there surely exsits a security problem. According to statistics, so many people’s deaths are resulted by the water heaters. And with the increase of the users, the number of the accidents caused by the gas water heater or the electrical ones is increasing. However, if we can use the solar geyser, there will be no hidden dangers, such as electrical shock, poisoing and the like, it is really safe. Even the low pressure solar geyser is equipped with electric heater, the possibility of damaging to persons can be ignored. We supply the following products: residential solar water heater vacuum tube solar geyser solar energy water heater

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