This article introduces information about solar geyser conversion, which may be helpful to you. Don’t yell at your mail, convert, as the name suggests, have a heating plate, or electric heating device, the collector plate is often installed on the roof, solar geyser installation diagram section, often these do not cost you too much.

solar geyser conversion
solar geyser conversion

What is Solar Geyser Conversion

There aren’t too many complexities involved. Your geyser will stay in place while a solar collector gets attached to the install solar water heater on the roof. The collector and the geyser are connected with an inlet and outlet, through which the water is going to circulate.

The collector will use radiation from the sun to heat the water, and once the water in the collector reaches a temperature that’s 7 degrees higher than the water in the tank, the circulation starts automatically. Cold water from the tank flows to the collector while the warm water flows to the tank.

This will only stop when the temperature of the geyser is 4 degrees lower than the water in the collector. This cycle should keep the geyser heated at 70 degrees during the day, and it’s all done with solar power.

Solar geyser conversion method

If cutting down on electricity costs has become a priority, then the 100L retrofit solar geyser conversion kit is what you are looking for. You’re saving money on installation and equipment by using the tank you already have. Nobody can dispute the fact that about 50% of the electric bill is tied to the geyser, and wouldn’t it be nice to bring it down by a substantial amount?

This particular solar geyser setup comes with a high-quality flat plate collector, which is known for durability and high efficiency. The pump that circulates the heat between the collector and the tank allows you to keep the tank in its current position – another reason why installation costs are cheaper. It’s perfect for families of 2 and everybody is going to notice the benefits very quickly.

Convert your existing geyser to a solar geyser

affordable High Pressure
affordable High Pressure

This is the most affordable High-Pressure solution.
The existing geyser is used as the storage tank, and water is circulated through a Vacuum Tube Heat Pipe Collector during the day.
The circulation is managed by the Geyser control system, which measures the difference in temperature between geyser and collector, and only circulates when the collector is 7 degrees hotter.
The Geyser Control System also manages the element to make sure it is used only when absolutely necessary.

What is included in the solar energy conversion system?

  1. a Flat Plate Solar collector OR a Vacuum Tube Solar Collector
  2. a Circulation Pump
  3. a SMART Solar Controller
  4. a Steam Release Valve (to protect the solar collector against overheating)
  5. a Non-Return Valve (to prevent backflow through the panel)
  6. a Solar Launch Valve (to prevent Hot and Cold water mixing)
  7. Shutt Off valves and fittings
  8. Pipes and Pipe Insulation

Everything is going to depend on the size of your family, habits, and the size of the tank. But here are some guidelines to help you decide what type of solar geyser conversion system fits your need.

Number of Panels According to Tank Size

  • 100L: 1 x 1.5 ㎡ Panel
  • 150L: 1 x 2.0 ㎡ Panel
  • 200L: 2 x 1.5 ㎡ Panel

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