//The flat solar geyser is the best effective solar geyser in South Africa. the flat solar geyser is the best solar geyser in South Africa. We are a solar geyser supplier and provide low pressure solar geyser wholesale. The price is very cheap. Our guideline is to provide high quality solar geyser, excellent service, and guarantee. Customers have no worries.

best effective solar geyser south africa
best effective solar geyser south africa

The best effective solar geyser in three ways in South Africa

  1. High pressure solar geyser ( flat plate solar geyser )
  2. low pressure solar geyser ( Vacuum tube solar geyser)
  3. air water heat pump

Pressure solar geysers are placed on the roof, which may be the best way

High pressure solar geysers have the tubes that integrate directly into the geyser tank. These units require elevation on a roof regardless of there being a flat or pitched roof. Very effective solar geysers. These units are popular due to pricing, however they are definitely less durable than the split system due to precision application avoided for simplicity. Great for short time application, not advised for long term application above 10 years.

Increasing the pumping system may be the way to maximize the efficiency of solar geysers

For those who have an already existing good quality electric geyser and are looking for a good Solar Geyser Price, may as well get the most from it. Conversion kits are a pumped system which requires a pump to push the hot water down into the storage tank below.

It is a cost effective method that can be converted into a thermospihon at a later stage, and simply save the cost of needing the new water tank and wastefully disregarding your perfectly fine electric geyser.

Air energy water heater is also a common best geyser

Another way to cost effectively and efficiently heat water at your home is to use an air to water heat pump. It works by extracting heat from the air and moving it to the water in your current storage tank, making it hot.

The air-water heat pump will use about a third of the electricity that your existing geyser uses to heat water, and it’s cheaper and easier to install than a solar geyser. A disadvantage of a system like this is that you will be without hot water when there is an extended blackout, which unfortunately occurs pretty often in South Africa currently.

Vacuum tube solar geysers may be relatively mature

Vacuum (Heat pipe) / Evacuated tubes: These tubes function similarly to the way in which a hot water (coffee) flask does; by creating a complete vacuum inside the parallel pipes that make up the collector, which results in the water staying hot once heated. Both the above systems are equally effective as long as they are used in the correct types of geysers in south africa of system.

Have a look at some of the pros and cons of each system and then decide which will best suit you and your domestic solar water heating needs.

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