The escoo 150-litre geysers use a new anti-corrosion technology (enamel) instead of 304 stainless steel, the price is higher than 304, because the enamel is difficult, high cost, long enamel life, will serve each family longer, you can save pockets.

150 litre geyser
150 litre geyser

 Our 150 litre geyser products intro/description:

150 litre geyser is a pressureless solar water heater product,150 litre geyser prices, which is a solar energy device that converts solar energy into heat energy and is stored in a heat preservation tank. It mainly depends on gravity for natural circulation. Because it cannot withstand pressure, it is an open-type solar water heater, also commonly referred to as a low-pressure solar water heater. Due to its low cost, easy installation and use, and meeting the hot water needs of the average family, it is currently a popular product in the solar water heater market.

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Product advantages:

  1. Perfect design, ideal for home use.

  2. Use natural circulation, 100% solar energy and no operating costs.

  3. The solar collector adopts double vacuum glass tubes, which has high thermal efficiency and long service life.
  4. The plug connection between the solar collector and the insulation tank is very convenient for installation.
  5. The parts cost is low, no maintenance, no expensive maintenance costs.
  6. Use thick polyurethane insulation to keep the tank temperature constant for a long time.
  7. Can use electricity, gas and other alternative energy sources in combination.
  8. 6. Using advanced enamel technology to manufacture, no pollution, no corrosion, keep the water clean and hygienic.

Product specification

The Number of users3-4 people
Inner tankEnamel ,SUS304
Outer tankStainless steel/galvanized steel,diameter 470
Welding procedureAutomatic double – sided argon gas protection welding
InsulationPolyurethane 55mm, temperature drop 2℃/12h
BracketsStainless steel 1.2mm/Galvanized spray
Solar vacuum tubesNet aperture area:0.945
Quantity and specifications: 10pcs*58*1800mm
Material: 3.3 high borosilicate glass
Coating: AL/N/AL or AL/N/AL/SS/CU
Heat efficiencyG=1000W/m2, temperature rise 45℃/day
Packing quantity57/20GP,116/40GP,135/40HQ

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