customized porcelain enamel solar water heater

ESCOO provides customized low-pressure solar water heaters (customized enamel solar water heaters). The enamel is our patented product. Its stable performance and relatively high customer demand are widely used in roofs, farms and hotel shopping malls to withstand harsh conditions.

customized porcelain enamel solar water heater
customized porcelain enamel solar water heater

What is customized porcelain enamel solar water heater?

Enamel lined solar water heater Product Introduction: however It Works: The system operates on the thermosiphon principle, means that|that means} that heat transfer happens entirely by means of natural convection, while not pumps and management units.

Free from water quality trouble if using escoo Enamel solar Water Heater; enamel inner tank guarantees water quality and constant temperature. Its novel look and stable functions facilitate it win together of the foremost in style solar heaters.

Low pressure solar geysers are simple

A low pressure solar geyser (also referred to as a close coupled unit) is popular for many reasons, but there are two main attractions.Another reason why a low pressure solar geyser system is popular can be the fact that there are no moving parts involved, bringing us back to the simplicity of the system.When the low pressure solar geyser is installed, the tank is placed at the top and the collector at the bottom.

Low Pressure Solar Geyser Pressure Criteria

A low pressure solar water geyser is classified as a “NO” pressure solar water geyser. If asked the question what is low pressure on a scale of 1bar to 4 bar then one will realise that even 1 bar pressure is high. The so called low pressure solar water geyser cannot withstand any pressure and that is why any manufacturer of the so called “LOW” pressure solar water geysers are forced by the SABS to clearly mark their makers plate in the pressure column as “0” bar.

What is customized low pressure solar water heater?

ESCOO low pressure solar water heaters south africa manufacturers and suppliers in China who can wholesale low pressure solar water heaters south africa. We can provide professional service and better price for you.

These hot water services are available as mains pressure split systems (gas or electrical boosted), or air mass ceiling- or floor-mounted models.

Enamel Specification:

1). Inner tank:  enamel  thickness: 0.4~0.5mm
2). Outer tank:Color steel coated anti-corrosion layer &thickness:0.4~0.5mm;
3). Insulation layer: Imported polyurethane foamed with overall high pressure equipment &thickness:50~60mm;Density:42~45KG/m3;
4). Vacuum tube:SS-AlNX/Cu or Al-N/Al high selective coating tube &thickness:1.6mm
5). Freeze protection:-25oC
6). Hair resistance: 25-35mm
7). Bracket: hot galvanized steel painted with anti-corrosion layer &thickness:1.5mm; Freeinstalled on inclined or flat roof; Wind stress: 183.5km/h without damage
9). All install documents are free
10) Option Feeder tank:
Inter-tank: SUS304-2B stainless Steel
Outer-tank: Stainless steel/ color steel
Capacity: 8L/20L
11). Option Controller: SP26 (More details)

Working :

 It is the simplest one, the tube and tank are linked together, the working principle is like this: the vacuum tubes collect the sunshine and make the water in the tube to be hot, and then the cold water in tank will circulate with water in tank automatically from time to time. This is the simplest and normal model, but very efficient. In summer, the water temperature can reach up to 95 degree, nearly boiling.

high pressure solar geyser
high pressure solar geyser








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