geyser solar water heater

Energy conservation is one of the important concerns and concerns of residents in cities all over the world. Energy conservation must be the motto of everyone in the world. Solar energy is the best alternative to energy. solar powered water heater is a natural resource as well as an economic source, and can be used to meet the energy needs of various uses. geyser solar water heater are popular all over the world.

geyser solar water heater
geyser solar water heater

What is geyser solar water heater?

It is believed that the earth receives more energy from the sun per hour than the world can use. Solar energy is one of the most effective renewable energy sources. Through the implementation of water heating, we can aim at one of the most electric household appliances to achieve the greatest power saving effect.

Solar energy is not affected by the current power shortage and will not stop supplying hot water when the load is off.

Your electric water heater charges 39% to 60% of your family’s electricity charges (depending on your hot water consumption).

Geyser solar water heaters, also known as solar household hot water systems, can become an economical and efficient way to generate Solar hot water heating for families. They can be used in any climate, and their fuel – sunlight – is free.

How does geyser solar water heater work?

The vacuum tubes are interconnected in the manifold. The water flows through the manifold and collects the heat from the top of the copper heat pipe. The solar tube is made of very hard borosilicate glass and consists of two layers.
Solar water heaters use solar energy to heat water through a series of pipes, and then allow you to enjoy hot water showers or bathtubs without using electricity.
The system has been widely used in low-cost housing to reduce the energy cost commitment of low-income groups, and is an effective system for providing hot water for families and families.

Active Geyser Solar Hot Water System

Direct circulation system
The pump circulated the household water through the collector and home. They run well in a rarely frozen climate.
Indirect circulation system
The pump circulated non frozen heat transfer fluid through the collector and heat exchanger. This is heated and then flows into the house. They are very popular in climates that are susceptible to freezing temperatures.

Efficiency of passive Geyser Solar Hot Water System

passive solar water heater systems are usually cheaper than active systems, but usually are not efficient. However, passive systems can be more reliable and can last longer. There are two basic types of passive systems:

How to Reduce the Use Cost of Geyser Solar Water Heater?

After proper installation and maintenance of the water heater, try some extra energy saving strategies to help reduce the cost of hot water, especially when the standby system is needed. Some energy saving devices and systems use water heaters for lower installation costs.

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