How to save your cost in 150 litre solar water heater?150 liters of solar water heater prices are still very affordable, the following talk about the structure,Liner material: medium carbon steel (stable performance). Compressed polyurethane insulation in storage tanks to reduce nighttime heat loss. If used in hard water or salt water, no scale or pipe clogging will occur. Highly efficient triple coated vacuum tubes generate maximum heat in solar collectors.

150 litre solar water heater
150 litre solar water heater

What to know more about price of 150 litre solar water heater?

You can now lower your electricity bill while ensuring that you do not have to rely on electricity to supply hot water when you invest in solar water heaters provided by ESCOO. ESCOO’s solar 150 liter solar heater is designed for pressurized systems that have recently been widely used. The price is very affordable.

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How many people in your family need hot water?

Based on this, the quantity of required warming water needs to be determined. Assuming you have 3 people in your home, and each person uses 50 litres of hot water per day on average, then you need to buy a 50*3=150 litre solar water heater.

What is the budget for purchasing a new solar water heater?

As you may already know, solar products require more initial investment, so you need to look up different brands on the market and compare the price and functionality of the same solar water heater.

Technical Parameters

TANKInner tankEnamel water tank,Food grade SUS 304 stainless steel
Outer tankGalvanized/Stainless steel, 0.4-0.6mm
Tank Insulating layer50mm high-density polyurethane foamed
Inlet and outlet holeMale 3/4
ASSISTANT TANK5L top assistant tank
VACUUM TUBE3.3 Borosilicate glass with three-layer coating
BRACKETStronger stainless steel, stainless steel screws & nuts
ACCESSORIES Anode magnesium bar, electric heater, intelligent controller

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