How much is the solar water heater 200 liters price?200 liters solar water heater price model directly determines the cost trend, 200 liters solar air heater is a cost-effective hot water solution, suitable for family hotels, and workplaces.

200 liters solar water heater
200 liters solar water heater

What to know more about solar water heater 200 liters price?

200L Solar Water Heater Competitive Advanced Technology Due to the round shape of the vacuum tube, compact size, efficient winter and partly cloudy performance, vacuum coated glass tubes with an absorbing coating, with sacrificial anodes, can generate no electricity Or any other fuel hot water, greater absorption area, high quality vacuum tubes, large savings in electricity, substantial savings in electricity and fuel costs, ISI electric back-up heaters (customer selectable), light weight, low height, bracket parts material The (black powder-coated low-carbon steel) tank is made of food grade enamel interior technology. High-quality polyurethane minimizes heat loss from the water in the tank.

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Here is the price list of solar water heater 200 liters

Tank capacity ( ltr) price($)
100 250
200 340
300 500

Why chose our 200 liters solar water heater?

The 200 litre solar heater is a vacuum tube collector-type enamelled water tank device, which is ideal for home and villa home use to cater for all hot water needs. It can easily install solar water heater in a limited space and its internal piping can save additional costs. It uses low-pressure equalizer technology and has high corrosion resistance.

Product parameters

Tube Number 14pcs 18pcs 22pcs customized
Aperture Area 1.77m2 2.29m2 2.81m2 。。。
Available Water 135L 165L 195L 。。。
Total Water 135L 165L 195L 。。。
Net Weight 80kg 100kg 120kg 。。。
Total Weight 215kg 265kg 315kg 。。。
Electric Booster 1500W 1500W 1500W 。。。

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