ESCOO is pressurized tank solar geyser china manufacturers . With strong technical force and advanced equipment, it has a number of high-precision mechanized production lines and has annual production capacity of 100,000 sets of solar geysers, ranking the top in the domestic industry. . The company’s products are exported to Europe, the United States and other global more than 100 countries and regions, foreign trade exports in the domestic counterparts in a leading position.

pressurized tank solar geyser china
pressurized tank solar geyser china

About pressurized tank solar geyser china

Incorporating the functions of R&D, manufacturing and selling, ESCOO solar energy , Ltd could be a company dedicated to the promotion of environmentally solar energy solution in China and globally.low pressure solar geyser,We manufacturer of solar geysers,Solar,Solar Panel,Solar Water System,Stainless Steel Solar,Solar Collector,Solar Tank,Pool Heater,Solar System for Home,Hot Water Heater,Heat Pipe Solar Collector,Solar hot water heating system,Solar thermal collector,Pressure solar geyser,Swimming Pool Solar Heater,Solar Geysers etc.

What is pressurized tank solar geyser china principle?

  1. Pressure-bearing solar geysers are similar to our home-operated electric water geysers durban, They are the same as large-scale ones. Outlet pressure is exerted by tap water pressure, and the pressure of water discharge is relatively large. The cold water enters the water tank. The medium in the jacket of the water tank enters the collector array. The medium is heated by the solar radiation in the collector and the temperature gradually increases. The medium is circulated into the jacket jacket of the water tank, and the cold water in the tank interior is heated. When the hot water is set aside from the tank, the water level drops, and the cold water supply begins to work. When the water level reaches the set point, the cold water supply system stops working. At the same time,300l solar geyser price, the thermal medium in the jacket will continue to heat the cold water in the tank.
  2. The water tank of the pressurized solar geyser is similar to a thick pipe in the tap water pipeline. It does not have air holes, so it must withstand the tap water pressure and expansion pressure after the water is heated. When hot water is used, the hot water is pressed out of the sun by tap water pressure. The energy is collected by a glass vacuum tube, and the metal superconducting heat pipe transfers heat to the pressurized water tank to heat the water. The glass vacuum tube is not exposed to water and its entire system can withstand pressure.

Pressurized tank solar geyser china advantages

  1.  Solve the mismatch between the natural pressure of the non-pressured solar geyser and the cold water pressure change of the tap water, resulting in the fact that the cold and hot water temperature adjustment can not be constant and the hot and cold cold phenomenon occurs;
  2. overcoming the problems of low installation position and insufficient water pressure;
  3.  to overcome the common solar water heaters are not pressure defects;
  4. the failure of the tank level control switch has been solved, resulting in the problem of “sweeping water”.

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