Wholesale pressurized tank solar geyser,solar geysers are widely used because of their advantages such as environmental protection and energy saving. At the peak of water use, there will be insufficient water pressure and normal usage. At this time, the pressurization of water heaters is a solution.

wholesale pressurized tank solar geyser
wholesale pressurized tank solar geyser

Withstand high pressure automatic solar geyser tank

Bear high pressure. Introduction for vision assistant tank:pressurized tank solar geysers are always work with an assistant tank for automatic water refill into main storage tank. The working theory is similar with flush lavatory, with a float ball valve inside assistant tank to control water filling, the assistant tank is usually installed on top of main solar water heater tank, with a stainless pipe connecting each other, when float ball descends, the valve connecting with float ball opens to let in city water,

High Pressure Tank Solar Geyser

The simple compact design leaves no space for extra components which can leak,pressurized tank solar geyser for sale, freeze, burst, lose heat, or simply stop working.
The heat pipes fit directly into the tank. There is only a sleeve inside the tank, so heat loss is minimal.
Because the whole system is on the roof,pressurized tank solar geyser, it is easier to install, which also cuts costs. It obviously cannot leak through a ceiling
This is a high pressure system. It can be used for city pressure, although it has been tested at much higher pressures.
Problems with freezing can be expected only at MINUS 35o Celsius.
All high pressure systems use a 1.2mm stainless steel tank.
There is an optional electronic control panel, which controls the electric backup element. This panel controls 1, 1.5 or 2 kW elements, and can even be plugged into a normal three point plug, as it draws less Watts than normal electric geysers.
A frequently asked question is about hail:pressurized tank solar geyser. All our systems use 2mm tubes, designed to withstand 38mm diameter hail. They are surprisingly cheap to replace.

Pressurized tank

  1.  Tank material (exterior): 0.41 mm painted steel sheet
  2. Tank material (interior): Stainless steel SUS 304
  3.  Stainless steel thickness: ≥1.2mm
  4.  Tank Capacity: 150L (18 tubes)
  5. Maximum pressure: 0.9 Mpa \ 900kPa \ 9 Bar \ 8.88 atm
  6.  Working Pressure: 0.6 MPa \ 600kPa \ 6 Bar \ 5.92 atm
  7. Outer Tank Diameter: 480mm
  8.  Insulation: 50-55mm polyurethane foam
  9.  Inlet/outlet pipes: 22 mm  (¾ in)
  10.  Electric backup element: 1kW

And there is a guide about high pressure solar geyser pricespressurized tank solar geyser price listsolar geyser wholesale price, you can check and learn how to fix those problems.

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