Pressurized tank solar geysers for sale, depending on the pressure tank solar geysers price model directly determines the price trend, pressurized tank solar geysers, suitable for rural areas, shopping malls, hotels and villas.

pressurized tank solar geyser for sale
pressurized tank solar geyser for sale

pressurized tank solar geyser

1.The pressurized water tank has no exhaust hole, therefore, it must bear the pressure came from tap water

and hot water,when use, the hot water comes out because of water pressure.

2.Vacuum tube absorbs solar energy, and conductive copper pipe transfers the heat into the pressure solar

water heater tank. In this case, the water inside the tank becomes hot

3.No water in the heat pipe makes the whole system could bear pressure.

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1). Adopts the best conduction performance metal- heat pipe (copper)
2). Can be used all year round in the cold climate
3). High efficiency, rapid warming. Heat pipe in vacuum tube could transfer hot energy to cold water in

pressurized water tank rapidly
4). The whole pressure of the system is up to 1.5kg/M2, the inlet could connect the tap water directly, the max pressure can be 0.6Mpa
5). No water in the tube, one tube broken don’t influence the system working
6). The design for inner tank is reasonable and scientific, which could hold 100, 000 times fatigue test without any damage
7). Dual-purpose brackets for both flat and inclined roof

8). The system is pressurized,it keep a constant temperature of water in the tank, avoid the problem came

from water level controller malfunction which could cause water flow out

9).Strong hydraulic pressure makes your bathe more comfortable

10).module design, arbitrary combination, harmonious with the building perfectly

11).Intelligent controlling and multiple functions

12).Arbitrary combination with structure of your beautiful constructions

13).Separate installation conveniently

14).workable at anytime and enjoyable

15).Working with assistant resource

16).Full set of original equipment, the life time will be much longer to ensure better using

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How to choose:
Choose the item according to the capacity, and choose the capacity according to the people quantity
in your family, one adult shower need about 50 L water. Normally,50 liters is only used for one person’s shower.

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