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solar water heater
solar water heater

What is solar water heater?

Vacuum tube collectors are used as absorbers in solar water heaters. Each vacuum tube consists of two glass tubes with a vacuum insulation material between them. The incident solar radiation falling on the tube passes through the outer transparent tube and hits the outside of the inner tube. It absorbs heat and then passes it to the cold water flowing in the tube. Solar water heating systems based on vacuum tube technology are the most energy-efficient and most cost-effective. Suitable for domestic use.

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 – Why chose our solar water heater?

Solar energy is one of the best renewable energy sources. It is provided free of charge and has no pollution. At present, the Indian government is emphasizing more use of solar energy and providing special offers for companies producing solar energy equipment. Solar water heaters use the process of converting sunlight into heat and then use this energy to heat water through solar collectors. There are many solar water heater price in india market. Each product has its own set of specifications and price range. These products are based on the latest advanced technologies. The world’s leading manufacturers of solar thermal energy equipment are China , Europe and Japan.

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