Custom low pressure heater and engineering design for custom heater and heating element. Our ability is very suitable to meet the harsh production plan, and we are committed to keeping up with the constant changes in manufacturing and product design, and we are likely to have built a heating solution similar to what you are looking for.

custom low pressure heater
custom low pressure heater

What is low pressure heater?

The solar vacuum tube, the solar water heater vacuum tube is the core component of the solar water heater, is praised as the “heart” of the solar water heater. The quality of the vacuum tube directly affects the service life and performance of the solar water heater. The rapid development of the solar energy industry has also led the development of the vacuum tube enterprise, on the one hand The patented technology around vacuum tubes is constantly improving. On the other hand, vacuum tube enterprises and production lines have mushroomed in recent years.

How low pressure heaters work

A solar vacuum tube collector works by transferring the heat energy from the sun to a copper heat pipe located inside the vacuum tube. This copper heat pipe contains a small amount of distilled water inside the tube. The tube is create like the glass evacuated tubes under a vacuum condition. This vacuum is the key to the solar water heater. You see at sea level water boils at 100 C. However as you reduce the pressure the boiling point of water changes. In fact water boils at the top of Mount Everest at only 35 C. This is because there is less pressure. Because the water inside the copper heat pipe is in a vacuum (reduced pressure) it boils at a much lower temperature of only 30 C.

Low pressure heater principle

The vacuum tube is the core of the solar water heater. Its structure is like a lengthened thermos bottle, and the vacuum is between the inner and outer layers. Special selective absorption coating is applied on the surface of the glass tube to absorb solar radiation. Through the sunlight, the photon hits the coating, the solar energy is converted into heat energy, the water is absorbed from the coating, the water temperature rises, the density decreases, the hot water moves upwards, and is lower than the major cold water. Hot water is always in the upper part, that is, in the water tank. The temperature rise of the hot water in the solar water heater has little to do with the external temperature, which mainly depends on the illumination.



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