Customized porcelain enamel tank,After hundreds of years of technology development, the water storage tank of the water heater has been from the original galvanized liner to the crystal liner, the stainless steel liner and the enamel liner.After several generations of evolution, every development means revolutionary improvement.

customized porcelain enamel tank
customized porcelain enamel tank

Advantages of porcelain enamel tank

1, enamel inner bladder has the characteristics of durable pressure, corrosion resistance, anti sucking, clean water and so on. It has been popularized in the field of electric heating water heater. It also provides reference for the upgrading of solar inner gallbladder. Stainless steel liner is easy to corrode, easy to absorb, and the pressure bearing performance is not good.
2. Water tank anti-corrosion technology is very important for water heater. Walk into the counter of the electric water heater, see “enamel liner”, “Jin Gui liner”, “super steel liner”, and many other internal containers. In fact, these containers are basically made of enamel technology.
3, enamel glaze, can withstand a wide range of temperature changes, generally ranging from 60 to +450 C temperature range, can withstand high temperature sudden change.
4, physical characteristics, compression, tensile, elastic, electrical insulation, pollution-free.
5, chemical characteristics, acid, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, water vapor, all kinds of ions can not penetrate the surface, can effectively ensure that the water quality is not polluted.
6, enamel internal bladder pressure index: the international standard stipulates that the enamel internal bladder pressure is above 10kg, and the test data provided by China can withstand the 18kg-24kg, which is far higher than the international standard.

Porcelain enamel tank “private subscription”

ESCOO’s manufacturing plant has been flexible, and the ESCOO’s technology team has accumulated enough experience in the development of hot water tanks, so you can customize what you need.
Any type and function, we can do it.
ESCOO has excellent partners. Their strength is worthy of your trust. Of course, the development of all functional products is built on the basis of market demand.
We will fully analyze and analyze the market demand with you, and turn these needs into the final surprise, to achieve “private order” for you.

ESCOO manufacturing global cooperation

These top global partners are worthy of your trust. They have a profound technology accumulation, a great contribution to the world, and the respect of users and peers. They chose ESCOO. We believe that we are equally excellent with excellent people. Therefore, ESCOO has been seeking cooperation with excellent people. We also believe that the same excellent you will be our next trusted partner.

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