The Porcelain enamel water heater originated in the United States 50 years ago. The enamel solar water heater gradually took the road of development and formed a perfect industrial system. In fact, the heat absorption efficiency of the collector pipe is no longer a difficult problem in the industry development. The heat absorption efficiency of the collector tube is quite obvious to the overall performance of the product.

porcelain enamel water heater
porcelain enamel water heater

How the porcelain enamel water heater is produced?

  1. Enameling steel is formable, which allows it to be made into many different parts. It is specially designed so that enamels will better adhere to the metal. The surface roughness is designed to encourage adhesion. Also, compared to regular steel, it has less carbon and the products’ chemistry allows for hot enameling to adhere.
  2. The low carbon and surface roughness is imperative for preventing defects while applying the enamel coating. Not only does the adhesion of the enamel matter, the appearance is important as well. If the carbon content of the metal is too high, then it can cause the release of gaseous CO and CO2 during the firing process. This can impact the appearance of the surface.
  3. Finished enameled steel is fire resistant, and can handle a wide range of temperatures. This feature is a reason that it is used in many cooking products. The surface is extremely hard, making it scratch resistant. At the same time it still has the strength of the steel core, so it will not easily shatter. Enameled steel can handle thermal shock, unlike glass cookware. It is also resistant to corrosion and chemicals, making it ideal for washers and hot water heaters.

Our porcelain enamel water heater advantages

Our porcelain enamel water heater increases the storage capacity of any hot water system. ESCOO storage tanks efficiently maintain hot water, allowing heat losses of less than 1 degree Fahrenheit per hour. The glass lined steel tanks are specially formulated with high temperature porcelain enamel and fitted with heavy duty magnesium anode rods to resist corrosion and increase tank life, perfect for commercial and residential applications.

porcelain enamel water heater Feature:

  1. porcelain enamel water heaters with a unique coating of porcelain/enamel for maximum corrosion resistance
  2. Heating elements are treated with a double layer of magnesium oxide and copper to resist corrosion
  3. Poly foam insulation provides superior insulating qualities
  4. Surface mounted thermostat automatically cycles on/off to maintain desired temperature
  5. Temperature and pressure relief valves are included

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