Wholesale porcelain enamel tank,When purchasing enamel water tank, we first provide accurate drawings to the manufacturer, and then we must ask the manufacturer the way of transportation, because enamel is easy to touch porcelain. ESCOO water tank transportation, the chance of touching porcelain is very small.

wholesale porcelain enamel tank
wholesale porcelain enamel tank

Enamel water tank market

(porcelain enamel) is a single source strong,porcelain enamel lined tank, integrated porcelain enamel and steel material fused together at over 1500° F, creating a hard inert, inorganic coating that never needs painting. glass-fused-to-steel is the premium technology in the tank market. The interior of all glass-fused-to-steel tanks feature coating technology enhanced with titanium dioxide (Ti02) for the toughest glass available.

Steel surface enamel coating

The porcelain enamel tank are made from heavy gauge steel. All surfaces in contact with domestic hot water receive a thick ­porcelain enamel coating after shot-peening to clean the steel surface. In addition, vessel exteriors receive a light porcelain coating. Up to three inches of urethane foam insulation ensures that hot water stays hot, and standby heat loss is minimized.

Different market demands for porcelain enamel tanks cans

Free from water quality trouble if using Porcelain Enamel tank Solar Water Heater; enamel inner tank guarantees water quality and constant temperature. Its novel look and stable functions help it win as one of the most popular solar heaters. Various models of products are available to meet different market demands, from integrated to split ones, and pressurized to non-pressurized ones.

Enamel Tank Water Heater Corrosion Protection Technology

Porcelain Enamel Tank – is a trusted & proven technology for inner tank of water heaters. Used widely across the world, it is ideal for long life & trouble free performance in all kinds of water. More than 95% of water heaters produced worldwide are with enamel tanks. Corrosion protection is very good due to fusion of glass layer to metal.

Porcelain enamel tank advantages

  1.  The interior of the porcelain enamel water tank is clean and white and beautiful, ensuring that water quality is not polluted;
  2. Strong and durable, strong and stable porcelain enamel water tank;
  3.  On-site assembly, convenient, fast, flexible and adaptable;
  4.  Impact resistance, seismic performance, long service life;
  5.  Acid, alkali, corrosion resistance;
  6.  No leakage, no seepage, good sealing performance;
  7.  Hot water is better than other tanks (requires heat-resistant strips);
  8.  The interior of the enamel tank is smooth and easy to clean.

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