What is the difference between the price of a solar water heater on the roof and an outdoor solar water heater?

The solar water heater on the roof is also a type of outdoor solar water heater. The price is calculated based on the size of the product, so the cost will be different, so the outdoor solar energy needs will be different.

rooftop solar water heater
rooftop solar water heater

What to know more about price of rooftop solar water heater?

The solar water heater price comparison on the roof depends on the size and type of installed system. The minimum size of the system is 100 liters per day, which means it can supply 100 liters of hot water in one day. For families with 3-4 members, a 100 lpd system is sufficient.

Using a rooftop solar system helps reduce the cost of electricity. A 3-4 person home can save up to Rs. 5000 electricity bills per year. The escoo 500L rooftop solar water heater is more famous and widely used, which can save your pocket.

  – Why chose our rooftop solar water heater?

Since rooftop solar water heaters cost more than installing a conventional heater system, it may take months or even years to save enough money, and you may need to repair old water heaters. If the rooftop solar water heater price of the heater system is included in the 20-year mortgage, the cost is easier to control because the monthly savings are usually higher than the monthly heater costs.

What is the rooftop solar water heater?

Home roof solar water heaters consist of one or two roof panels. In some systems, tubes carry water into the panel and the sun heats it directly; elsewhere, these tubes carry an anti-freeze liquid that later passes through the heat exchanger to transfer the water to your water.

Hot water then flows into the tank and looks like your standard water heater. The system in the sunniest area can heat water to nearly 200 degrees – but even in colder places, our solar heaters should still be able to reach temperature heaters similar to traditional water that can meet the demand for hot water.

Why does it used for so many field?

Rooftop solar hot water systems almost always require cloudy and back-up systems to meet growing demand. Traditional storage heaters usually provide backup and may already be part of the solar system components.

The backup system can also be part of a solar collector, such as a rooftop tank with a thermosyphon system. Since the integrated collector storage system stores hot water in addition to collecting solar energy, tankless or demand-type water heaters can be used for backup.

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