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solar water heater price comparison
solar water heater price comparison

Solar water heater price comparison

the entire for all the essential components averages $1,000-$four,000. these elements consist of the tank, plumbing, and collector(s). brought device like a backup heater, plumbing, and switches to attach the sun components to an existing tank or a 2d set of evacuated tubes could convey the rate up by means of $1,000-$2,500. whether or not a device is passive or energetic also can determine cost.

Passive System – $1,000-$3,000

On the subject of solar strength, a passive or lively model can be used. every gather and save water heated via the solar to be used. Passive are the much less luxurious, less green and more restrictive of the two alternatives. consequently, most house owners will benefit from the lively style.
This type may be very easy to create and use but it comes with numerous drawbacks. A passive device will speedy run out of heated water after a few cloudy days. This basically approach that a domestic will want to maintain their existing water heater as a backup. another downside is the burden of a passive unit.
they can each be extraordinarily heavy, for you to limit wherein they can be adequately set up at the roof water heater. the two kinds of passive solar heating are vital collector-storage and thermosyphon.
  • vital Collector-garage (ICS): regularly much less expensive. Many house owners have efficaciously constructed their very own from scratch. It warms the water up for the traditional home tank. The tank will draw from the saved “batch” whilst warm water is demanded inside the plumbing. ICS units received’t paintings in climates which drop under freezing and may be extraordinarily heavy.
  • Thermosyphon: more high priced. hot water rises to the pinnacle of the collector and moves into a garage tank. This tank have to be at a degree higher than the collector itself to get hold of. It then movements to a second tank in the home. these are even heavier than ICS gadgets and might not meet the load-bearing capacity obstacles of a few roofs. in addition they have greater components.

Active System – $2,000-$4,000

This kind requires solar collectors and a warmness storage vicinity. for the reason, that storage region can keep plenty greater warmness and is equipped with an inner electric powered or gasoline backup, the possibility of strolling out of the warm water after numerous cloudy days is nonexistent.

The equipment is barely extra luxurious to put in, however, it gets rid of the need for a traditional backup unit. because it absolutely replaces the traditional one, best the fees associated with a lively machine need be taken into consideration.
There are variations of energetic structures available to meet the desires of various climates:

  • Directly pass the water itself thru the collector to warmth it. This type capabilities excellent in heat environments.
  • indirect ones flow antifreeze thru the collector, then it returns to the tank and warms the water thru a warmth exchanger. these sorts are more dependable in less warm climates where temperatures drop under freezing.

Solar water heater price comparison of the area covered:

Capacity (L/Day)The area in sq. m. for an ETC systemThe area in sq. m. for an FPC system

Solar water heater price comparison of price:

Capacity (liters)Cost of ETC system ($)Cost of FPC system ($)

Our solar water heater basic comparison parameters

Descripitionsolar water heater
Material of out tankGalvanized steel 0.4mm
Material of inner tank0.31-0.5mm thickness SUS304 stainless steel or enamel
Tank insulating layer55mm 45kg/m³ high-density polyurethane foamed
Inlet and outlet holeMale G 1/2, 3/4
Max pressure0.05 Mpa
Solar collector tube3.3 Borosilicate glass with Cu-SS-ALN/ANL. coating
Thickness of glass tube1.6mm
Vacuum tube tightnessP≤0.005 Pa
Emission ratioεh=0.04-0.06(80C±5C)
Idle sunning 


property parameters

Average heat 


loss coefficient

Bracket:1.4mm thickness Galvanized steel with paint
Structure of tank:5 holes for air vent,overflow,water inlet  outlet,electric heater.
Welding:Argon arc welding
Fastening pieces:Made of stainless steel screw
Tube quantity18 tube 58×1,800mm
Tank capacity180L
Afford for house3-4persons

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