Solar water heater features: low pressure solar water heater price list, Affordable, easy to use, more humane, and more user-friendly operation, the use of domestic leading high-efficiency tube, high vacuum, high absorption rate, with the lock hot water tank, the maximum degree of heat lock, prevent heat loss optional intelligent controller and electrical assistance Heater makes operation easier and hot water more convenient for sale.

low pressure solar water heater for sale
low pressure solar water heater for sale

What is low pressure solar water heater?

A low pressure solar water heater (also referred to as much a close coupled unit) is popular because of many reasons, however there are two main geysers port elizabeth, The first is the solar power aspect.

There’s is no need because any external electricity sources. Secondly, it’s a dead fundamental setup. To heat lotos on a daily basis you actually only need the sun’s radiation.

Another purpose why a low pressure solar geyser system is popular can lie the fact as even are no moving components involved, bringing us back in accordance with the simplicity concerning the system.

About low pressure solar water heater for sale

solar geysers aren’t as efficient as direct geyser systems sale,solar geyser cape town, as the pipes are best capable of heat a small volume of water at a time; pipes are also incredibly narrow, so tanks take longer to fill.

but, they maintain heat longer than direct geyser manufacturers in south africa, these solar geysers also last longer list than direct geysers because they don’t freeze; the anti-freezing solution is likewise non-corrosive, which extends the life of all geyser components.

low pressure solar water heater feature:

  1.  the coating inside of the vacuum tube absorbs the solar energy.
  2. water inside of the vacuum tube is heated by the coating layer.
  3. the vacuum tubes insert into the non-pressure tank, so the hot water and cold water can circulate by themselves because of different density.
  4. low-pressure tank with PU layer keeps the water hot and store the water.
  5.  open loop type, hot water is supplied to the shower room because of water drop.
  6. easy to install and high heat transfer rate over 95%.
  7.  if add the feeder tank, it could load the water automatically and reduce the water pressure.
  8. it is also applied in the water supply system with big storage tank and widely used in Middle East, South America

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